Dabble - D&AD 2016

Dabble is a playful dating-style website targeting 18-25 year olds in creative higher education, who's lives have been solely based around education systems that stigmatise mistakes. Unlike a conventional dating website it pairs creatives on elements they may usually dislike or lack confidence in. Once paired, Dabblers upload art work to the website and menace with it, resulting in a unique outcome, collaboration and the chance to share techniques and make friends. Dabble aims to allow people to let go of their work and get people embracing failure. 


A dating-style website with personality profiling that calculates your likes, dislikes, hobbies & finds your perfectly un-perfect match. Once this is calculated you can dabble in their work, chat, and track your risk-o-meter on your profile to see how brave you've been.

Don't go breaking my art

Promotional greeting cards would be available for the launch on Valentine's day and would be distributed to universities and colleges to allow people to invite their opposites to join them on the site.