Craft Capsule - RSA 2016

The aim of Craft Capsule is to encourage interaction between older and younger generations through the medium of craft. There are many important traditions and craft techniques held by the elderly that are dying out and children equally have valuable knowledge, valuable to elder generations. Craft Capsule utilises these skills and allows children to learn from the expertise of senior citizens through local classes held in community centres and schools. Not only does Craft Capsule encourage making, it also aims to tackle the problem of elderly loneliness and depression.

My grandparents were the people that taught me right from wrong, put up with me treading Playdough into their carpets on weekends and treated me to fascinating life stories. Craft Capsule makes the most of this precious time.

For the young

Craft Capsule encourages:
- Personal growth & development
- Respect for older generations
- Unique skills & hands-on making
- Local interaction with children
- Local interaction with the elderly

For the young at heart

Craft Capsule encourages:
- Preservation of unique crafts & traditions
- A reduction in the risk of dementia
- Local interaction with children
- Community involvement
- Confidence & independence