Pigs in blankets

I was originally going to call this post 'The leaning tower of Piazza' and then thought, NOPE, I need to stay away from the Italian puns for this one. Instead, I chose a really obscure and abstract title which you won't understand until you read down a bit.

Last week I discovered a hidden gem in Newport - Bar Piazza. Well, it's not really hidden - I've known it was there for years and don't ask me why but I've never visited. I think for ages I thought it was a pizza place, that's how great my Italian reading is, but I'm still not sure why I would say no to pizza?! 

After hearing many recommendations, we decided to pay a visit to Bar Piazza which is located in the old John Frost Square. It's currently in the middle of the Friars Walk building site, but this doesn't seem to bother people and the place has been full the two times we've visited. It really shows how successful a business is when it can survive the whole environment around it changing and I'm sure once the new Friar's Walk development is built the place will reap in the benefits! 

It's such an authentic little Italian cafe where they also have a little pantry shelf of Italian produce for sale, a fridge full of pastries and cakes that I could easily polish off, all enclosed in a lovely homely environment that seems to attract a wide range of people (not just Italian-loving, coffee brewing enthusiasts like Josh).

On our first visit we went for breakfast and I was amazed by the portion sizes (that I couldn't actually finish and had to take away in a box). I went for a  sausage and bacon baguette, but wait for it, the sausages were basically pigs in blankets (it was as glorious as Christmas). The baguette came in a lovely ciabatta bread and with a side salad. Josh opted for bacon and maple syrup pancakes and was literally in his element, he was so happy for the rest of the day because his belly was full of gorgeous Italian food. The air even tasted of icing sugar because of the dusting on the pancakes which made the whole experience even more delightful (SUGAR AIR!) 

Today was our second visit and Josh met me on my lunch break. The food was just as impressive and once again we were greeted and received lovely, personal service. I also took back an iced slice because I am a sucker for a good iced slice. Sometimes you get them and the custard is too rigid and it doesn't pour out of the sides leaving you with messy hands (OH MY GOD THIS SOUNDS SO DODGY) but this one was perfect and I know this is a crappy comparison but was a lot like the Greggs ones - I've never found one as perfect as Greggs iced slices until now. Another perk was I had a real Italian San Pellegrino in a different can which I've never seen before, this was all a bit too exciting for an avid Limonata drinker. 

Iced slices aside you should definitely pay a visit to this place if you're local, it had that kind of 'Central Perk' feel to it, but I'm not even a big F.R.I.E.N.D.S watcher so don't listen to me (sorry). They've also announced recently that they're opening a second cafe in Caerleon, I'm sure Caerleon will compliment the cafe perfectly - now all we need is some limoncello! 

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Thanks for reading,
Lauren :)