I honestly admire your honesty


When I was going through Wasted Rita's work for this post Josh was next to me and his words were "There's penises everywhere!" - Sadly for you, I didn't pick any of Wasted Rita's really penis-orientated works, mainly because my parents will probably read this (hello!). I love Wasted Rita's work and upon looking into her work further than I have before, I realised that I enjoy creating a lot of similar things. There's always a lot on my mind and I am never fully tuned into people because I'm so tuned into what's going on around me instead.

I have a lot of thoughts and I guess compared to some people I'm quite open about them, I think the world would definitely be a more straight forward place if everyone just shared their true feelings. I love Wasted Rita's honest, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek work and I think she has all of the balls* in the whole world. She shows that art can be a mixture of thoughts, feelings and even really weird poetic sentences that are conjured up on long bus journeys. 

It's easy to play your work safe, but the real artists are the ones that break the rules and question reality, it's easy to make something look pretty but it's not easy to put your feelings onto paper. People like Wasted Rita, Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh (NSFW) are all crazily famous for these two reasons: 1. They're not afraid to get naked in the name of art and 2. They have the same amount of feels every day as I do when I'm hormonal every month.  I'm not saying I'm one of these people, I'm certainly not willing to get naked in the name of art (unless the pay is ridiculously good) and I'm not a massive rule-breaker, but for some reason this is something I feel passionate about and will hopefully be the topic of my dissertation. 

At the exhibition I was exhibiting in yesterday (blog post to follow) the most simple piece in the room by my friend Brandon Mansueto was also the most thought-provoking. It may have been three black canvases, but it was three black canvases that had a really good meaning and people were having fun and arguing over which one fitted which title (the title was Chaos, Conflict and Darkness). Therefore Brandon won with his simple black canvases and is the king of art. 

So I guess what I'm saying is I like artwork and people who have feelings (which is probably why I'm friends with Georgia Boon). People always moan "oh that's not art, I could draw that with my eyes closed" but the important thing to remember is you probably couldn't because you wouldn't have the balls to create it in the first place.

Sorry this turned into a bit of a rant, but it was a rant I enjoyed writing! I need to make a start on my dissertation tomorrow (which I planned to do like 6 months ago or something) - oops. 

*P.S - I talked a lot about balls and penises in this post which can only mean that Wasted Rita's work has had some kind of effect on me. 

Thanks for reading! 
Illustrations by Wasted Rita