Well, its been a while (a month to be precise) - I’ve felt a bit lacking in creativity this month blogging wise, although I do have some creative things to show you later on. This weekend we were supposed to be going camping in Llangennith which is Swansea way. The weather ended up ruining our plans and our rain-hating friends bailed. It would’ve been my first time camping and I was really looking forward to it, so after so much excitement I needed to do something else, so we decided that looking at cute animals would do and visited Bristol Zoo. 

It was a hard decision as Banksy’s Dismaland also opened yesterday and upon hearing about it I peed my pants a little because it was something actually close to where I live. We decided against queueing for lots and lots of hours and I’m now going to visit soon with my friends, including art-loving Brandon who is also going to pee his pants at the sight of a Damien Hirst piece. 

I haven’t visited Bristol Zoo since I was about 7 and kept begging my mum and dad to take me. My dad used to sing ‘Daddy’s taking me to the zoo tomorrow’ which didn’t help my nagging and one day they finally decided to take me. A lot has changed since I last visited. I got old, and now I appreciate animals more rather than just making noises at them. I was amazed by how the zoo had changed and to discover they now allow you to walk through a lot of the animal keeps (the ones that won’t rip your heads off anyway). This does mean you risk getting covered in poo, but it also means you get to see adorable baby lemurs clinging to their mothers belly*

*warning may melt hearts

We had a lovely time at the zoo even though we were absolutely boiling because the weather forecast lied to us. I dressed for 100% rain and wore boots, tights, a duffle coat and wooly jumper. It was very hot and sunny until we got home and I was left to lug my coat and umbrella around all day so we cooled off in Wetherspoons at The Watershed with an ice cold Brewdog Punk IPA. 

I seriously love Bristol, every time I’ve been there’s been something going on and I just love the culture of the city. I’m warming to the idea of moving there a couple of years after I graduate more and more, totally not because it means I’d be able to visit Cass Art on a regular basis *cough* 

I have a list of blog posts to update you with now so keep your eyes peeled, I promise I won't run away for another month. Thanks for reading!