Top six films (mainly featuring Zoe Kazan)

Okay, so no lie here - every single film I've seen with Zoe Kazan in has been great. She is kind of taking over Zooey Deschanel's place of 'Cute girl' in new independent films - she has a great fashion sense, the bluest of eyes and token full fringe. I've also noticed most of my favourite films are created by Fox Searchlight Pictures and they're probably my favourite because Fox Searchlight back creative films - they always have creative titles, great soundtracks and are more open to artistic ideas. Some of my favourites are probably more common than others, I don't think the Zoe Kazan films are as popular as they should be, I think you'd all love them so here's a list:

1. Ruby Sparks - I was genuinely amazed by this film, I think it was the final Zoe Kazan film I watched and I was devastated because I wanted more. Ruby Sparks was actually written by Zoe Kazan and is about a struggling novelist who conjures up a new story about his perfect girlfriend, much to his amazement she actually appears in real life and it turns out he has created her. I won't say anymore because I'll give too much away, but I highly recommend this film!

2. Juno - What a tongue in cheek film about teenage pregnancy. Ellen Page plays a great lead in this film and it's full of weird and wonderful quirky bits. I have planned to dress as Juno for many Halloweens but Josh can't bare to dress as Bleeker in his teeny yellow running shorts. I love the artwork so much for this film and the soundtrack is my favourite, the song style is very loosely put together and imperfect, but it makes it 100 times better (its even taken over from the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack).

My favourite quotes from this film are: "She smells like soup." and "Hold on, I'm on my hamburger phone." - damn, i really want that phone.

Favourite song: Tree hugger - Kimya Dawson/all of the Belle & Sebastian songs

3. The Pretty One Another Zoe Kazan film this time featuring two twins - not only did this film have Zoe Kazan in it also had Nick Miller A.K.A Jake Johnson. The two end up being in this super cute relationship, but the basis of the story is there are twins and the more popular/pretty one dies, the less popular one then pretends to be her sister and lives her life (Is that too big a spoiler?). This film is pretty deep, but it's also a really nice romantic story.

4. 500 Days of Summer - "This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story." This is obviously going to make it onto my list, it's a pretty obvious one but I have to include it. Every time I go to IKEA and we're in a room I whisper to Josh "Darling, I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom". This was the first time I really knew who Zooey Deschanel was, I didn't even realise she was the girl in Elf either until after this film. I love the soundtrack to this film, I love the little illustrations included in different scenes and I love that it's backwards. Once again this is a Fox Searchlight film and they were certainly brave and clever to explain a story backwards.

Favourite song: Regina Spektor - Us & Mumm-ra - She's got you high

5. Begin Again - Featuring Keira Knightley and Adam Levine this is a great film that I didn't think I'd really like. I'm not really a massive fan of Keira Knightley, she comes across as lacking personality a bit BUT I did like her in this film. I do however like Adam Levine but after watching his character in this film I now find it hard to like him (he plays a douchebag). This film is great for music lovers and has a great soundtrack, the plot is basically a love story that ends bad, the girl makes music with a music producer and they end up doing this great project, her boyfriend is still a douchebag throughout. I think The Voice also used the song 'Lost Stars' from this film and totally ruined it, Keira Knightley does a great raw original version and Adam Levine does a pretty good one too, it's a nice mellow one that I like to play on guitar. 

Favourite songs: Keira Knightley - Lost Stars (I can't decide if I prefer Adam Levine's version though because of his crazy high pitched singing) and Keira Knightley - Tell me if you wanna go home

6. Nowhere Boy - (Sorry I didn't make an image) I LOVE THIS FILM and I could watch it so many times. As a fan of The Beatles this is a great one to get a better understanding of their past (which I wish I lived through) but this film is mainly focussing around John Lennon played by Aaron Johnson and his troubled childhood. His relationship with his mother is the main part of this film and it really is a strange one to get your head around, It does make you feel pretty sorry for him as a child which kind of helps you to sympathise with him for becoming a bit of a mean person in later life (A great one to watch for this is the BBC's 'Lennon Naked').

Favourite songs: Mr.Sandman - Dickie Valentine & Wild one - Jerry Lee Lewis 

I Hope you enjoyed this post, I've been meaning to post it for aaaaages, and I hope you watch some of these films and also enjoy them! 
Thanks for reading.