Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes


Saturday saw the grand opening of Parc Pantry Tea Rooms and with it came a fabulous event 'Party in the Parc'. Now, when I talk about Party in the Park, childhood nostalgia springs to mind and I am reminded of  my dream of seeing cheesy pop bands at a noughties festival that never came true. This post is not supposed to be a nostalgic one, although I am venturing into areas of pop nostalgia (I will stop now and continue this in another post).

If you're not from Newport you may not have a clue what I'm referring to when I mention Party in the Parc, but Parc Pantry have recently expanded their brand to include a tea rooms which is located in the beautiful, picturesque location of Belle Vue Park in Newport. According to my lecturer this park was designed by the same person that designed Central Park in New York. 

I have blogged about Parc Pantry before and I quote: their "Designgasm" branding (yes I used that word, okay?) that I fell in love with. I admire the community that Parc Pantry have created as well as their refreshing business idea. 

The day was  brilliant overall with an array of crafty stalls ranging from yummy cupcakes to wood craft, I loved the branding of Felt Philosophy (pictured above) that have recently started making these cute felt baby mobiles. There were great acts on the bandstand and I even joined in with a bit of salsa, only because my sister made me. As you can see we also had another photo booth photo which was provided by Memory Makers Wales. It was so lovely to see people in Newport enjoying themselves and having such a positive attitude towards the city. The whole day resembled a picture perfect village fete and had the same feel too. 

It was a crazily busy day and quite overwhelming because of how many people were there. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and also meet some new ones that I've only before seen on Twitter, like fellow blog and social media guru Laura. Sadly because it was so busy I didn't really manage to get many pictures of the actual tea rooms, but I will no doubt be going there soon to try out the menu and drool over the design. 

Congratulations to Matt & Ant, owners of Parc Pantry & the Tea Rooms on such a successful event, as well as everyone that helped out and got involved. 

Thanks for reading! 
Lauren :)