Feeling summery

Today I went to city campus to do some work (because I miss uni that much) and it was actually a pretty productive day. I've been trying a bit of icon design recently and wanted to expand and do something that had a bit more of a theme. With this summer actually being a summery one I thought what better theme than summer? So here's my 15 Summer Icons set. 

I'd just like to point out that even though I do all vectory stuff I still love ink and being messy, I feel like I have two styles, I enjoy vectory work but my heart is in mixed media and if I don't get my hands messy I don't feel fully happy. I've become used to having a face that resembles a coal miners. 

I'll hopefully be posting a lot more 'Stuff I did just for the sake of it' work because I'm trying to improve my Illustrator skills (they're not that bad but Illustrator is like complex drawing and breaking down objects into shapes, it baffles me a bit). I'm also trying to get some stuff done for my Behance portfolio and then I'll hopefully be able to set this site up as a proper website/blog. Hooray! 

Thanks for reading :)