Sticker heaven

Hello! this is my first 'Proper' post from my new blog url (fancy eh?). I've spoken about my friend Tim and the company he owns - OmmyNoms on my blog before, it was literally the only ever 'Dork feature' I did because I'm terrible at keeping things going. I always like supporting local artists whose work I admire so here's a shameless plug.

Me and Tim were on Art Foundation together and I remember the first time I saw one of his cute doodly characters that just make you want to reach out and hug them, I'm sure you feel the same way about them. Tim is currently studying animation at The University of South Wales and mainly produces awesome and funny animations that you can view here. Tim's business has recently expanded into stickers and I've been dying to get my hands on some for quite some time - today was the day! 

Tim's adventure into sticker making land comes at a great time as I'm getting into the habit of covering almost everything I own in stickers and it's quite satisfying. My Macbook case is about 30% covered and after this haul I think it'll be 70% covered (Hooray!). As you can see I also have a bad ass Ron Swanson sticker which I got from this Etsy and some other really cute stickers including a Tunnock's Teacake one which I got from this Etsy

If when you order from Tim on his Etsy you also like his Facebook page you also get this adorable little happy Facebook icon. You can order five of these bad boy stickers for just £2.50, but good luck picking between all the super cute packs because I really struggled. 


*As much as this may seem like a sponsored post it isn't, I am just a general fan girl of Ommy Noms and get a little excited by cute stickers.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my new swanky blog!