all of the feels

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Oh my goodness, I haven't written a blog since September and I don't know what's happened. Actually, I do know what happened - THIRD YEAR OF UNIVERSITY HAPPENED. 

I feel like lots has probably gone on that I wanted to blog about, I have a really morbid post about death that I never posted (which is probably a good thing) - but when I'm ready I'm going to bore you with my thoughts on the subject. I kind of got fed up with this place being something that had to look nice and be a kind of business. I want this blog (if i continue from this) to be whatever I want it to be, which is why I spent approximately 1 minute on the photo for this post. 

I'm currently writing because I am freaking out so much, according to Josh I am grinding my teeth in my sleep because of stress (and that doesn't actually surprise me because every morning I wake up with complete dread and guilt because of the amount of work I have to create). Pity me? 

I'm probably just being a wimp, but I don't cope well with impending doom, especially when it's in the form of writing. I'm writing this blog post very quickly, and I enjoy it - but I have to write a formal dissertation with fancy words and no I's and it's due in by January. I love my topic, I feel passionate about it - I JUST HAVE NO TIME TO START IT. 

I'm not going to pretend like I haven't had time. I had time. I started the academic year off really badly with my nan passing away pretty unexpectedly - this didn't help and I feel like it took me ages to get into the swing of things. I grieved by shopping and spending money I shouldn't have actually spent because everything in TK Maxx is so pretty. I watched every series of The Walking Dead and as a result thought every slow human being was a zombie. I literally did anything that I could to avoid doing work. 

It's all my fault and now after not finishing my project on the suggested deadline I am trying to balance two competition briefs, freelance work and a dissertation and I feel like I'm going to explode. At least when you're in a job you can switch off to some extent when you come home from work, but this year feels so important and the importance of it is really holding me back. 


I understand that this has been a poop blog post but I feel like I needed to get said stress off my chest. 

Here's a list of things that happened that I forgot to blog about: 
1. Dismaland (HOW COULD I FORGET?) 
2. That big 'ol thing called death
3. Greeting card designs

(Upon reflection I've basically done nothing for the past three months)