What's in my pencil case - I tag you!

I thought this would be a bit of fun and it's a post I've been meaning to do now for a while - It was originally going to be photographed but I was feeling particularly doodley the other day and decided it would be great fun to do an arty version! Yeah, they're really crappy illustrations and I messed most of them up but I like the little imperfections. I'm beginning to realise that I'm never going to be good at drawing realistic stuff but I have fun creating these messy little doodles:

I'm always really interested by the process of peoples work and knowing what kind of materials they like to use, There's so many different types of pens out there that sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed. You've got your Pro Markers, Posca Pens, Tombows... the list goes on (It really does, I just couldn't name any more).

So blogging world, I tag you to do this - get a bit creative and go about this however the hell you like - take photographs, illustrate or I don't know - expressively dance about your favourite pen? I tag my artistic crew. some of which have blogs and some don't - but they have Instagrams! Here it goes:







(Although I think you've done something similar already),



Parade Design





Georgia Boon

(I always call Georgia Boon by her full name and couldn't face not doing so) &



WOAH, What a list - you don't have to do it, but I guess I have such a big list because I'm intrigued as to what materials people like using!

Thanks for reading,