Flowers in the window

I've had a lovely morning exploring some new shops that have recently opened in Newport, it's so exciting to see lots of new places opening and see the faith in Newport being restored for business owners. I've also enjoyed shopping local for the Independents day event which has included burger and ice cream eating, what's better?

I bought some lovely flowers from a new florist called

Eden Flowers

that have recently opened up in my favourite little arcade. I don't know what it is about florist shops but I love them, I think it's the interesting array of flowers that you wouldn't normally see in a crappy supermarket bouquet along with the bright colours, complex floral patterns and the pretty gift wrapping services they offer.

There's nothing that makes me feel happier than seeing my vase full of bright flowers and what's even more satisfying is actually managing to keep them alive in our boiling hot living room. Now the florist is open I might try and purchase a different kind once a month (I don't think I have room in my poor student budget for buying flowers any more regularly *boohoo*). Maybe then I can blog about the different kinds and who knows, they may even spur some creativity as I'm already feeling a creative buzz from the orange and yellow colour combination.

Geberas are possibly my favourite flowers because they come in crazily bright colours that match together perfectly and they're basically like big daisies so what could be better? I also love any yellow flowers and I loved trying to grow a sunflower from a seed last year, until we went on holiday and had to leave it to die (sad times r.i.p)

Thanks for reading!

Sorry if I bored you with my adult flower chat.