Anti-social media

Social media is a great thing and has got me many opportunities, I've also made real friends who I've met in real life and even friends who I haven't met. It's easy because you can 100% be yourself because it's pretty anonymous but it's also ridiculously tiring and anti-social. Having an online brand is a full time job in itself!

It scares me how much kids know about technology at such a young age. I guess I'm just getting older and being saddened seeing kids playing on iPads instead of reading The Hungry Caterpillar and playing in a park. Although, I was very guilty of this as a child - in the 6 week holidays I'd spend my whole days playing on The Sims, Habbo and chatting away on msn. The difference then was it was escapable. Even when I was on an msn binge I could easily log out or say "brb dinner."

Why is there no brb anymore? Everything has to be instant, everyone needs to contact each other within a second and also expects a reply back within a second. LIFE IS SO RUSHED.

I'm going to try and rely on social media a bit less (to the point where it doesn't interfere with my real life as much in bad ways) and these are how I'm going to achieve it:

1. Put a ban on laptops in the bedroom (for a couple of days out of a week)

- I like it when me and Josh recap on each others days and go over what happened, it's sometimes nice to not have a laptop next to your bed so you can actually wind down properly and not be disturbed by the brightness. Sleep is my favourite thing in the world.

2. Have a break -

Holidays are a great time to get a break away from social media, it's nice to have wi-fi sometimes. Most of the time if you're abroad or somewhere where there's very little signal (like we were in Tenby) you're going to end up having a week or two without Twitter at your fingertips, giving you a chance to really enjoy your holiday and surroundings.

3. Power to the people

- Try not to juggle a real life conversation with an online conversation, not only is it reaaaally difficult to focus on both but it's also pretty rude for the person that's trying to talk to you.

4. Eating before tweeting

- Cut down on phone activity when out for a meal or eating and enjoy your food! If you really want to Instagram your food take the picture before and then Instagram it afterwards, why let your aesthetically pleasing meal become cold?

5. Bring back the brb

 - Who cares about being instant? Humans aren't a quick snack like a Pot Noodle, we're more like a 21 day matured steak. It's not rude to not reply to someone in 10 minutes, nor is it to not reply to someone in an hour. Take however much time you need and reply whenever the hell you want to.

6. Be imperfect

- It's so easy to sugar coat things online, blogging is a perfect example of sharing good parts of your life, along with Instagram. It's so easy to make people believe you lead this amazing life, but don't forget to be yourself. Nobody's perfect and nobody gets out of bed looking like Beyonce (not even Beyonce does).

Thanks for reading!