Typography finding adventures

About 2 months ago I decided to start a 365 day project because this time I felt motivated and that I could actually maybe commit to doing the same thing every day for a year. I was wrong! Uni deadlines loomed and I just had more important things to do than pushing myself to find a typeface. daily. There were also days where I didn't leave the house and I found myself just finding any old typeface just to keep up with the challenge. I decided to not continue the challenge strictly, but am still trying to appreciate type in an outdoor environment, it's surprising how much pretty stuff there is out there! My favourite so far is this lovely mosaic '26' found in a Newport shop front, the lovely beautiful serifs can only be described as 'sexy' and I must say I feel rather turned on by them.

I've really enjoyed taking the photos of the type and cropping them in what I like to think is a creative way. Its also been really nice is to not sit behind Pinterest (as I always do) and gain inspiration from actual things around me, although I still love Pinterest, so much - but often it becomes more of a tool for procrastinating. I always find that getting out of the house helps me feel more creative. There's definitely a recurring theme in the photos, they are all mainly vintage hand-painted fonts, and there are also lots of textures in the background. I think the thing did eventually turn into more of a '365 grungy textures' than it did typefaces, but you can't take my grunge-loving soul from me. 

Sorry that this post has been so late, I'm currently suffering with absolutely poop BT 'infinity' wi-fi, it's supposed to be as fast as me running to a burger van, but in reality it's as slow as me after eating a heavy homemade burger, post-food coma. I'm awaiting what's called 'Doughnut Wednesday' in work experience tomorrow to do a proper post on my current happenings at Parade Design,  I was going to do it tonight but then thought about doughnuts and how pretty they'd look in my stomach and on my blog *drooooool* 

Let me know if you can think of any other low-commitment challenges for over the summer, I'd really like to do a mark making one or something arty but not too traditional art (because I fear drawing properly) 
Thanks for reading!
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