Tenby in Instagrams

Yesterday we got back from our annual trip to Tenby (the home of pastel coloured houses) with Josh's family. It was a much needed holiday and Tenby is seriously stunning, we always seem to be really lucky with the weather and didn't have one bit of rain for the whole week! We also had some days spent on the beach which were absolutely boiling. For this post I thought I'd share my Instagram photos with you as I haven't quite got around to sorting out my camera photos yet.

South beach (i think)/Cheesy smile and dodgy face/Pastel houses/Lovely blue sea/ I spent too much money in the arcade as usual/ Summer inspired patterns/ Cave adventuring/ My favourite dress because of the colours/ Sat in the night watching the waves crash/ Super cute knitted pansy pot/ Delicious cakes from Saundersfoot/ 

I'm not a massive fan of just sitting on beaches sunbathing and as Tenby is like a blackhole for internet connection and phone signal the holidays are always quite adventurous and fun. It's always nice to have a week without social media every minute (although as we stayed at a Haven site this year we had a place there with wi-fi).

As it was my birthday on the 9th June I had a new Moleskine from Josh's auntie which I used to keep me occupied, I did some summer themed patterns and I'm super excited to scan them in and do stuff with them!

My favourite day was probably the last day where we visited Saundersfoot on the bus where they have an amazing cake shop that we swoon over every year,  I picked up this super cute knitted pansy pot for my mum from a gift shop and in the night we headed back to Tenby on a mini pub crawl and lovely stroll on the beach. We also saw kids jumping off a massive cliff into the sea which was crazy (apparently that's all you can do in Tenby when you're not old enough to drink) and it seemed it was the thing to do on a Friday night. Another highlight was finally seeing the converted RNLI lifeboat station Grand Design which I fan girled over (photos to come too)

Overall we had a lovely time and I'd seriously love to live in Tenby in a pretty coloured house in the future, it's really refreshing being next to the sea and you get great beach hair. The only downfall is now sorting through all my stuff and shaking the sand out, which will no doubt be there until next year. While we were waiting for our train we also had a think about our next travel adventures and made a bit of a list, so hopefully I'll post something on that soon.

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