Joining the parade (Summer work experience chit chat)

As you may have seen by my Instagram, I'm actually leaving the house over the summer, pretty regularly actually. That is because this summer I am not a moping slob in my pyjamas, I'm actually doing stuff to try and better myself for the dreaded future *fist pump*. What's also great is that this year it's not making money from crappy prints with requests for horrible colour schemes like last year. I started work experience at Parade Design about three weeks ago, the studio is literally a 5 minute walk from my bus stop which is super convenient, it's also housed in the loveliest place called 'The Estates Office' which is opposite my dream house/apartment and is a beautiful mid-century refurbished building which was part of Lord Tredegar's estate, but don't quote me on my historical knowledge.

I discovered Parade through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (not literally, but almost!) back in February? as I was hoping to start looking for work experience for the summer. I was super nervous about having a meeting and managed to frantically put together a little 'about me' pdf very late at night, but from what I had seen online Parade pretty much looked perfect, a bit like my house - with an eclectic mix of items, the kind you see when you go to an antique shop and say to yourself 'Well, I can't not buy it, can I?' This post mainly features a lot of these items that I wish I could house in my teeny living space, along with a great variety of books, all within a lovely light and airy attic space that I'd be happy to actually live in. 

My time contributing to the Parade so far *I would insert trumpet emoji here* has been a great insight into the real world of design, a learning curve and also a confidence booster, because mood boards are actually useful in the real world, even if they're not in university! As you can see from the photos it's a very fun environment to work in and there is even a day dedicated to doughnuts which I witnessed for the first time today. As well as the place being lovely the owner, Claire is also lovely and easy to talk to, it's nice to feel I can be myself - even if that does include me talking about weird stuff and coming across as a right loon.

At Parade, so far I have drooled and swooned over my first Pantone colour guide, attended design meetings and discovered that they're not always scary and can include sugary snacks and light banter (I'm so so sorry for using that word). I've also learned that drinking tea and coffee is pretty much vital in the world of business and design, if you're not used to drinking so many hot drinks you'll also need to pee every 5 minutes.

But all jokes aside, I have already learned a massive load of stuff about branding, print and web as well as having some great, valuable advice on personal projects. Today I've been right in my comfort zone and have been doing a bit of blogging. I can't wait to tell you more when I've spent a bit longer here!

Thanks for reading,
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