Feeling summery

I'm feeling summery and damn hot, because it's like a million degrees and there's no air. It's a struggle to write this with my boiling hot laptop on my lap, but here I am *bows* - I thought I'd do a little post to share some new things from the beginning of my new Moleskine. In Tenby in moments of boredom I took to my Moleskine and doodled away with my Posca Pen, I recently scanned them in and digitalised them and here they are - you can never have enough daisies in your life. 
Also oh my god, Posca Pens are the best things in the world. When I first bought my Posca Pen which cost me about £3 something (It was even in a locked cabinet in the shop) I was a bit underwhelmed, but upon using it and maturing through my pen ages I love it. It's the closest to drawing ink and mine has a bit of a dodgy nib which gives me an unreliable scratchy look sometimes and gets ink everywhere - It's great, like using twigs and ink.

What I love about drawing with Posca Pens is that when you scan in you get to keep little accidents. Okay, so sometimes It's great to have that pen that vectorises stuff in a magic way, but sometimes It's nice for things to go wrong. Anyway, I hope you like my patterns, maybe I'll expand on them soon.

Thanks for reading,
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