Well shit. Here I am again, desperately blogging because I'm already in that state of boredom and loneliness that occurs over the summer. It's not really summer yet, in fact it's pretty rainy, but on Tuesday I handed in my final project of year 2 and finished university until September. So what do I do now? I make lists and plead with my creative gland (that I'm pretty sure exists) to keep creativity in my body over the gruelling, money-less, depressing thing that is the summer period. Here's how I hope it will be, but we all know I always make lists and never keep to them: 

1. Do work that makes me happy & grow because I'm fed up of rules
2. Research & develop my dissertation so I don't cry of stress in December
3. Make money (somehow) - hmmmmm. 
4. Figure out where i went wrong in year two and fix it (see time management)
5. Get lots of knowledge from work experience
6. Think about my brand - what is my style?
7. Upload to Behance and make it look pretty
8.Socialise and get drunk where necessary (Also see my graduating friends because I've missed them being in Newport so much) 
9. Develop my personal brand - create logo ideas and think about social media
10. Learn time management 
11. Moisturise every day resulting in smoothness (this one's a bit off topic)
12. Be more confident in myself - In my work, body and personality
13. Take lots of photos & get Flickr again
14. Animate more - try rotoscoping and learn more After Effects
15. Get better on InDesign & Illustrator 
16. Draw more
17. Go to London more and see Naomi, Sepi & Ellie 

It's been the most difficult year in education so far, boo hoo,  I know next year will be harder but I feel proud, positive and now extremely happy to feel relaxed and have nothing on my mind. This academic year has had more of its downs than ups, I did pretty bad (in my eyes) in most of the projects grade-wise, but I was really happy with my work. Its made me realise that grades really don't matter on creative subjects, even though when you get them it's the most dis-heartening thing in the whole world and life sucks. Being two marks off a fail in my last project open my eyes massively and made me realise how lazy I've been, I needed this big kick up the bum to push me. 

Things I learned:
1. Everyone has different opinions
2. Grades don't matter
3. I actually really like animation
4. Strong craft beer is great

So I'm now feeling like a big glowing ball of positivity and like I can take on the world. I've got lots of work experience and work ready for the summer and I really can't wait to get stuck in. Come September I'm going to be one extremely smooth (because of moisturiser) and hopefully refreshed human being.  Has anyone also noticed how much I use brackets in my writing? Dissertation writing without them will be sad.


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