In a pickle with personal branding

Any mention of gherkins, and I always take it to the next level. I'm in a pickle, so thought I could incorporate the cheeky little green things somehow. With third year coming along way too quickly I'm starting to think about personal branding (jokes, I've been thinking about it for the past 3 years). I love Dorkfeatures with all my might, I don't know why but I've just grown stupidly attached to it ever since it appeared in high school - mainly due to the lame dialogue that comes out of my mouth, usually revolving around pretty dorky stuff, in particular my love for graphic design. People seem to also know me as Dorkfeatures now, at my uni interview I remember being greeted with "Ah, It's Dorkfeatures.' And a lot of people around Newport seem to recognise me by my Twitter handle. The problem is, I don't know if it's really suitable for my personal branding as a graphic designer which makes me really really sad.

Here are some pros and cons.

1. I can go with my gut and what makes me happy
2. People already know me and this blog can become something useful
3. I already have my Twitter followers, I won't have to start from scratch
4. Memorable and slightly weird
5. It works brilliantly for sub brands especially for this blog - 'Bookfeatures'
6. I have half of a brand there for me - I also have as a domain name ready (.com is taken up by something truly awful, see for yourself, but prepare your eyes)

1. I would no longer have @Dorkfeatures as my personal Twitter, well i'd just have to censor things more (maybe, maybe not) I don't like the idea of censoring myself.
2. Dork actually means penis in America apparently - I am therefore 'Penis features'
3. It doesn't have loads of meaning and it's not as professional as 'Lauren Goodland LTD' with TMs everywhere
4. I don't want too many sub-brands or anything that will confuse who I am

I really want to embrace Dorkfeatures and carry it on, I just don't know - I don't want to do this whole branding thing totally wrong. Am I thinking too much into this? I don't want to portray myself as something I'm not, but I also want to come across as professional, with a bit of quirkiness on the side.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me :) - I think I basically just need to make up my mind pretty soon, but any advice would be truly appreciated.

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