Homage to Hema

Just when you thought the world of retail couldn't get any better than Paperchase or Tiger, you discover a shop called 'Hema'. Sadly said shop is only really available in London, but they have a swanky online store with cheap delivery. Hooooray! 

I discovered Hema on a recent trip to London and was drawn in by its clean design and brightly coloured products, I am aware that this sounds like a sponsored post, but it really isn't. Imagine if Ikea, Tiger and Paperchase mated and produced a baby store, Hema is just that. I was so overwhelmed and broke at the time that all I left the shop with was a pack of £1 stickers, which I used for my snail mail to Naomi, I almost bought a wax seal set which is next on my list! I had a look on their website when I got back and was amazed. 

These are some of my favourite things from Hema's website at the moment,  all of which are ridiculously beautiful and good value for money. Nothing on this list is over £10 (I don't think) and although I love Paperchase I often spend crazy amounts of money on the most ridiculous of things. The thing I was most excited by when I visited the shop was the colourful iPhone cables that look pretty strong. I get through an iPhone cable like once a week sometimes (I know I'm not the only one out there) so seeing something that was practical and mint coloured was brilliant, sadly they're currently sold out and I wasn't able to buy one.

Also number 1 is ridiculously cool, stickers for Fuji Instax! I need them in my life. Along with the candelabra shaped candle (candle-ception). Basically, Soon I am going to go on a massive Hema haul and buy all of this beautiful stuff. I had never heard of it before so I'm hoping that I can share the Hema love and that you are as enthusiastic about it as I am.

Thanks for reading,

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