Where have I been? A complication of excuses

Hello! It's one of those posts again where I try and explain where I disappeared, It's been almost two months since I last blogged and I don't know how to coherently summarize what I've done. I'd love to say I haven't blogged because I took a last minute trip to India, or somewhere extravagant and exciting. I guess none of what I've actually done really deserves an in depth blog post, because it has all lacked excitement, all except a trip to London which was really lovely. I'm going to use Instagram to guide me, but here are some of the things that have been happening since I last fell off the face of The Earth: 1. Trip to London - Which was my favourite couple of days in a long time. We took a trip to London for a few days to spend some time with friends who live there. We pretty much saw more in three days than I've ever seen of London. I finally visited Brick Lane and most importantly ate at a cereal bar. We took a lovely boat trip all around London which allowed us to see a crazy amount of London that we would never have seen. I even bumped into Naomi as she was queuing for cereal! The whole experience really changed my view of London, Everyone was so friendly and talkative, and i learned that it's the tourists who are unfriendly.
2. Web Design project hand in - Hooooray! You may remember from one of my last blog posts on Cardiff Museum that I had a project to do relating to it for uni. I finally finished the dreaded coding task! You can probably still see the finished design (but not entirely working) over at www.dorkfeatures.co.uk - I'll shortly be taking it down and maybe hosting this blog over at that domain. I got a 2:1 for this project which I was totally happy with. I'm slowly improving grades-wise, so I'm going to try super hard next year. Although, I am starting to understand how unimportant grades are on a course like mine, I've found as long as I pass and have work I'm happy to put in my portfolio that I'm pretty happy. You can see the finished work here.
3. Eating the best burger ever - Back in February me, Josh and some friends had our usual night at shisha, we decided to end the night visiting a new burger place that had opened up in Cardiff on Salisbury road called Bagel & Burger.  Never have I ever witnessed such a great burger, and never have I ever seen such reactions to a Krispy Kreme burger like Dean's.  I went for a classic burger with an extra of halloumi, because everyone needs some halloumi cheese in their diet. I can only imagine how amazing a more deluxe one would have been. Go eat there!
4. Working as a Design Associate - Following a lecture in uni, I was contacted by Kevin from That Media Group to meet up. This has lead to some freelance work at their office in Caerwent (where on my first time visiting I got lost in a village). The work has really saved me from my impending financial doom and I've learned so much even on the couple of occasions I've visited. It has been great getting a taste of what life really will be like once I graduate and enter the real world, as well as a bit scary and exciting. It's definitely given me more confidence and I've done things that I didn't think I could do in a teeny timescale.

5. Tunnock's re brand project - This has been the most exciting and challenging brief at the same time. We had two great inspiring people come into our uni from a design studio called Design Bridge, they delivered a brief to us which is also a yearly run competition called 'The Dog's Bollocks' - what a fabulous name, right? The only problem was the brief was shorter, and was also kind of ruined by three other deadlines (A video case study, Behance portfolio and dreaded WRITTEN book review for dissertation sources). Somehow, I survived, and in the last two days of the deadline, managed to actually create something I'm pretty proud of. In the end I went with a sub-brand which would be a circus themed promotion with packaging, posters and an event. I chose Tunnock's - the creator of the famous Scottish tea cakes and caramel wafers that are to die for. Although I've eaten so many in the past month that I've slowly gone off them. See the finished work here.
6. Had the time of my life - Sorry for that unforgivable pun. But finally, on Monday I saw the production of Dirty Dancing which was held at the Wales Millennium Centre. Dirty Dancing is possibly my favourite film, in fact I think it must be because I can't think of another one. This has been on my top list of productions to see for such a long time. The last one I saw was Ghost so I've seen two Patrick Swayze related musicals in a row. I loved everything about this night, with it being so closely related to the film it was great. I was feeling pretty hormonal throughout this week so I ended up nearly tearing up in pretty much every scene, even when the grinding was happening. I left the theater wanting to dance and crawl across the floor singing "Come here lover boy". My mum also thought the guy playing Johnny was as she described 'a bit dishy'.

So that's my last couple of months summed up in some pretty pictures. I feel like all my energy lately has been on uni, deadlines have been happening one after the other, or all at the same time.  I've just finished for Easter with a stinking flu-like illness and second year is almost over. As a result of this I have been over thinking my future life plan, and freaking out quite a bit.  

Because It's Easter I'm hoping I'll have some spare time, so maybe blogging will be back on the cards. I've been living in my house for a year last month and I really wanted to do a post on that, but the time has now passed - I'm going to try and do one aimed at things I've learned from living on my own and tips on how to survive (or not). 

Thanks for reading! 
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