Things that happened when I fell off the face of the world

Wow, I haven't blogged since the 21st November last year, so I guess I should quickly give a rather late Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. I don't know why I haven't blogged in so long, I don't really have an excuse but I was pretty close to packing it all in and losing my dork features. But voila! I come back with a new blog design and a maaaaassive list of posts that I still haven't done.

Whenever anyone asks me if I had a good Christmas and year I just can't help but reply 'It was okay'. So I want to get amazingness out of this year, not just mediocrity - pure amazingness where I do lots of things I'm proud of and happy because of. I guess I did do some things to be proud of but maybe I've just forgotten them. The above image is what I want out of 2015 creatively, in a really weird disjointed use of English language. Basically I don't want to be a graphic designer, I want to be everything I possibly can be, just a general creative person. I'm going to start back my blog by just recapping with Instagram photos of everything that has gone on since I last blogged (mainly my favourite moments) in order from oldest to most recent: 

A human was born! (Not my human by the way, as it kind of looks like in the photo) Josh's sister had baby Theo so me and Josh are now auntie and uncle. He's so lovely and since he's been born I have learned how to a) hold a baby b) burp a baby - nappy changing no doubt to come in the future.
I worked like a bad ass, resulting in earning lots of money. Christmas in work is always ridiculously busy, everyone wants photo gifts and they're all pretty miserable except a few lovely customers. I had flu allover Christmas so doing overtime in work was the last thing I wanted to do, but I dosed myself up on drugs, drank countless Lemsip's and orange juices. Working like a bad ass taught me that I never want to work in a job like I'm in now full time, I was dreaming of looking for peoples orders in the collection cupboard.
Christmas came around and this is my favourite present - the much anticipated knitted cactus! It has pride of place on my windowsill where it gets lots of sunlight to help it grow (This is a joke) Harhar.
It was lovely to spend another Christmas with this lovely one, and create this lame canoodling photograph. It was ironic, I promise. It was our first Christmasses away from our parents and the first in our house, it was soooooo weird, but I'm sure next year will feel more normal.
I had a lovely trip to Barry Island on a really lovely cold but sunny day. I love the beach in the winter so much, the sunsets were gorgeous and I managed to get some lovely snaps.
The lovely sunset in Barry

I have listened to this song a ridiculous amount of times, I am obsessed. At first I wasn't so keen on Ben Howard's less guitar picky style, but i absolutely love this song, I still have to warm to the album though.

Josh got me a mini sewing machine for Christmas (yay) So I tried my best to create a little bird, it's pretty awful but it is my first attempt. I've bought lots of sewing stuff and hope to try and make a cushion when I can learn how to re-thread a sewing machine properly.

I bought this pair of granny brogues from a charity shop for £12 - I wasn't going to leave them there as my pair of brogues broke recently. I have no regrets that I am walking around in a pair of shoes an elderly person has possibly died in.

As you can see from the fact that I included purchasing brogues as a highlight of my time, not much has gone on. You haven't missed much I promise! I have also joined the gym and I'm attending yoga classes every Wednesday, to try and unclog my arteries and gain some muscle. It really is the most difficult thing I've ever done!

I'm loving the random sunny days we are getting even if they are pretty short. I can't wait for the winter to disappear now and for that pre-summer to come along. I miss dresses and ankle bracelets.

I'm sorry for a lazy post but I really didn't know how to get back into blogging without explaining everything that has happened!

Thanks for reading! I hope you like my new blog design!

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