A trip to Cardiff Museum and of course the museum shop

Today me and Josh took another trip to Cardiff Museum (we literally go there all the time and it never gets boring). This time the trip was a uni-based one as I needed to take some photos for my web design project. Basically we have to design a website for a welsh tourist attraction from a list, so I chose Cardiff Museum. I was kind of hoping that it would be quite rainy today because I actually wanted a rainy outdoors photo, but of course the weather wasn't on my side.
I'm thinking about basing my advertising campaign on getting out of the rain, as it's like permanently raining in Wales, except today. I rented a camera out from uni because mine is old and doesn't really cope very well in dark environments, but much to surprise neither did this one (although I should've just changed the settings to work). It was a Canon and I usually use a Nikon so I had no idea how to use it. The photos all came out quite dark inside, my flash kept accidentally firing in the museum and I had security guards giving me evils.

My favourite thing about the museum is probably seeing all the bugs and butterflies, along with the dinosaurs of course. I'm really sad that another of my favourite parts has moved to St Fagans, I'm not sure what it was called but it had lots of evolution related stuff in, skulls and more butterflies of course.

I managed to get a lot of the photos I was hoping for, despite the lighting issue. We spent about 2 hours in the museum and I have no idea how - we later spent what seemed like 2 hours in Primark because I was faffing around with cushions and hunting down a jumpsuit - women eh?

We finished our time at the museum with a hot chocolate and welsh cake and 'exited through the gift shop' where i spent £12.95 on a book, I do not regret this decision.

I love the collection of arty activity books in the museum shop, and in fact all of the stuff in the shop. I bought a book called 'Draw, paint, print like the great artists' - the front cover is all inky and inviting and I love that. Inside the book is even better with lots of acivities on how to produce work like famous artists including Warhol, Hannah Hoch, Matisse, Frida Kahlo etc. I can't wait to get my grubby inky hands on it and create some messy work. I'd definitely recommend it if you love experimenting with materials and media and love getting messy, it's a really nicely illustrated book - Amy i think you'll love it!

If you have some spare time definitely take a trip to Cardiff Museum if you haven't before, it's great for a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll.

Thanks for reading!

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