Pre-midlife blues and James Victore

I have lots of posts that I need to do but because I need to do them I don't want to do them, so instead I'm going to do a post I'm going to enjoy and that I feel like doing at the moment. So, this one's going to be on a fantastic creative (because he really is more than just a designer/illustrator/artist) - James Victore. 

stumbled upon James Victore's work originally through Sepi who sent me an amazing link to a creative video series called Like Knows Like - you must check it out! Not only do I love the style of Victore's work, I love his way of living and his views. I've never watched videos and thought 'Amen!' as much as I did. 

I feel I can relate a lot to what he says because lately I've been feeling lost, I've not long started second year, which is really my third year due to Art Foundation and it really is dragging by now. I've never doubted my future aspirations this much before and it makes me really sad. Its got to the point where I'm thinking "Is graphic design the right subject for me?"

I think this whole self-doubt thing is just coming from a long time in education and the subject I chose. My lecturers are right, you can't really be a graphic designer and do your own thing, you have clients to think about and it really does suck sometimes, but the most baffling thing is why don't clients trust designers anymore?  I wish I could just experiment and throw paint around, do whatever the hell I wish to do. Basically I needed a three year foundation course or a BA Hons creativity course (why don't these exist?!) 

Don't get me wrong, I love graphic design, I love creativity, I walk down the street and things visually excite me but  I don't understand why we need to limit ourselves so much. Just because we may be studying design doesn't mean we can't be fashion designers and work with textiles or display our work in a fine art exhibition. This limitation is what I'm really struggling with as to me it doesn't make much sense. All a creative person wants to do, whether they're an illustrator, designer, jewellery maker is just to do what makes them happy and for me that is having no rules. 

I don't know where this blog post is going, but it feels good to have ranted away about how I'm feeling right now. I'm sure I'm probably just stuck in a creative rut (rhyme points) and probably need to just man up a bit and accept that life isn't going to be all fun and games. James Victore has turned me into a little creative rebel and I don't know if it's good or bad.

I hope I'm not the only one who feels like this, and I hope I find a way around it. It's just scary when you have an expensive few years of education in your hands, you don't really want to waste it. I hope I look back at this in 5-10 years and feel happy with my career and what I'm producing and that I don't work in a supermarket pushing trollies. 

Sorry that this has been a bit of a depressing and ranty post, I have a post to do on my trip to Tenby, A post about my last typography project and also a post about Paul Rand which I'm excited to do!

Thanks for reading guys

p.s - You can find James Victore's very helpful Youtube series 'Burning questions' here