Lots of photos of the sea

Saundersfoot beach/ Rainbow over St Catherine's island/ My dream cyan Tenby home/ Me and Joshua/ Making welly splashes which resulted in mud allover my jeans/ A gloomy day where the foggy sky met the sea/ The famous Tenby photo/ Candy floss cupcake/ Bonfire night where we couldn't find any fireworks, but we found this pretty moon/sea combo

This is mainly a photo-based post just to share with you our recent trip to Tenby which we won free at the caravan site the last time in a general knowledge quiz, believe it or not. Typically the holiday was in November, the coldest time you could possibly stay in a caravan. When we got there you could literally see your breath inside the caravan at night but when we figured out how to work the heating all was well!

I really love the beach in the winter as you can see by this wide range of seaside shots. I just think it's nice to go somewhere where it's a total contrast to the summer, I also prefer wearing wellies and cosy boot socks as oppose to getting sand on my feet! Tenby and Saundersfoot are packed in the summer and in the winter it's literally like a ghost town, but with lots of dog walkers.

I had a lovely time and it was great to get away in reading week just after my stressful typography project! West Wales is such a beautiful place and I'd love to be able to live there but I just don't think I'd be able to cope. We went for about four days and on the fourth day we were like "What the hell do we do now?" the place is so small you also see the same people every day on the bus!

I have an essay on Paul Rand to start now and I have no research as of yet so I may do a little blog post talking about him as well today. I really need to stop blogging twice in one day but I don't get chance to do so any other time.

Thanks for reading!