I now sell greeting cards! (Well one, at the moment)

Yayyy, it was an exciting day yesterday not only because I received my greeting cards from the printers but because Josh's sisters baby - Theo was born and he is adorable - I wish I had a handmade card for the occasion!

I don't think I mentioned that earlier last month I entered a small competition hosted by a very kind lady called Louise who creates greeting cards in Newport under the name of Lulubell designs, I won the competition which gave me 20 greeting cards with my winning design on for free. This was great timing as luckily I had created a few greeting card designs just to play around with before I even knew the competition existed, it's a great way for me to get off the ground and get started with doing something i've wanted to do for a long while.

Louise has been such a helpeful person and is so open to giving her advice out to struggling creatives who are starting out. Her digital embroidered cards are sold in quite a lot of little shops around here and they're so adorable, so you should check them out here!

I've always loved card shops and I spend so long deciding what card to get when it's a special occasion, I swoon over places like Paperchase and M&S cards mainly by Tigerprint studio who supply a lot to them. (dream creative environment that i reaaaallly want to work in).

I know it's not the most extravagant design but I hope to expand someday in the future and I already have some ideas which I need help choosing, I'm thinking the next cards will be: "Have a birthday card, Dipface." - In true Matilda style (Have a marshmallow, dipface, have another marshmallow dipface), "I'm sorry for kneeing you in the balls" - which would be interesting to design, to say the least and "Congratulations, it's a human!".

My personal favourite at the moment is "I'm sorry for kneeing you in the balls." but I think this is mainly down to my clumsy nature as I am constantly kneeing Josh in the balls by accident and feel I need a card in which I can share my apologies. I'm also thinking of doing an overly attached series - maybe like "Thinking of you... and watching you sleep at night." but yeah, I want them to be a bit tongue-in-cheek and comical.

You can check out my current get well soon card on Etsy here  or somewhere on the right >>>>

Thank you for reading. Two posts in one day - woahh.