'Coffee with Currys' blogging event

This is a rather big and proud moment for me, because last Sunday I attended my first blogging event, and guess what? I went totally alone. Just me, and my tweed jacket. You may guess from the things I write in my blog posts that I'm not the most confident, social person. I often get so nervous that I want to vomit at the thought of doing things alone, but after doing this I feel so happy and ready to take on the world. I will set the scene with a first person diary entry which I wrote on the train to the event:

12.00 - " I am on the train and I am pooping myself because there is nothing worse than being late to an event where you don't know anyone. With that dreaded moment when there are no seats left or everyone turns around and looks at you. I have an even pooper mocha in my hands that tastes like it has come from the realms of coffee hell, which is washing down a bad microwaved bacon sandwich.
I'm hoping I can find the place and that I'm not the only late one, please say there is traffic in Cardiff or other trains are cancelled!"

I'd just like to point out that the event started at 12 and I was on the train at 12 because public transport failed me again. But from reading that I hope you get an insight into the fear I was feeling. I did plan on doing the whole day in a diary entry style but did not think that this would probably make me come across as an anti-social person.

The extremely fancy lunch - There is no way I can remember what everything was, but it was fancy, okay? Even this was a challenge as a regular burger and chips eater - I am so proud.

Lunch tea options - fancyfancyfancy!

I've said fancy way too many times but here is my fancy lunch again. The chilli couscous was so lovely.

Have you ever seen so many varieties of tea?!

Christy (A fashion graduate from Cardiff who I met) doing her coffee art

My coffee art fail on the right. It was totally supposed to look like Saturn...

Coffee slurping which apparently is called 'Cupping'. We had to taste various Nespresso coffee flavours and guess what they were! A challenge for my uneducated taste buds.

Cocktail making was really enjoyable and I got to use the shaker thing that I've always wanted to use. The cocktails were gorgeous and when I have some money I will definitely be investing in the ingredients to make them.

My cocktail which was a mixture of Baileys, Milk, Vanilla coffee and Kahula. My hands were shaking a lot and my clumsy self managed to tip milk everywhere and put a bit too much alcohol in, but it tasted lovely!

The Nespresso machine doing its thang and producing some mighty fine espresso. I would love to buy one of these for the house, again - when I have the money.

Afterwards we were provided with lovely cakes

And as you can see we enjoyed the cakes.

Anyway, a bit about the event. It was hosted by Currys and Nespresso and was held at Waterloo Tea in the Wyndham arcade, Cardiff. I had never been to Waterloo Tea before but it was a lovely place with such a variety of teas that I know Josh would love. I am a bit ashamed that I'm British and not a tea lover, but you should definitely pay a visit there!

As soon as I arrived I was made to feel welcome and relaxed when I started talking to all the lovely, friendly people there! I seriously don't know what I was so afraid of because I had a lovely time and met Christie and Olivia - who were great to chat to. I don't think I quite realized how much coffee there would be throughout the day (I started the day with a mocha - FOOL!) and by the time I got home I was so hyper and buzzing from the caffeine.

My favourite event was definitely the cocktail making - What better way of breaking the ice than with alcohol and chocolate? I enjoyed learning how to make cocktails and also how to use a coffee shop machine because I've always secretly envied people that work in coffee shops. And I've always wanted to do that thing where you bang the thing on the thing - My little knowledge of names means that is the best description you're going to get.

We were made totally welcome by the Joeblogs team and it was lovely to chat to them about social media and things, the staff at Waterloo Tea were also really lovely and made us feel right at home!

Overall I had a really lovely day and I'm so happy I decided to pluck up the courage to go. I'm totally going to buy one of the Nespresso machines for my kitchen in the future and they're a bargain at around £80. I'd like to thank Waterloo Tea for hosting the event along with Nespresso and Currys for providing all the fabulous activities and coffee. Currys have written a post about the event here. Also thank you to Joeblogs for inviting me -  it was lovely to meet the team! (This feels like an oscar speech so I'm going to end this now)

Thank you for reading!