Sponsored video - 'Live fearless' campaign

Hello blogging world, its been a while and I'm sorry but everything has been so busy and I have work coming out of my ears, but I kind of like it. You may know that I like any excuse to draw a pair of pants, so I'm doing a sponsored post for Bodyform (where I'm not talking about womanly shenanigans, I'm talking about facing fears).  All thoughts in this post are my own. 

You can also get the chance to win £500 of ASOS vouchers or a prize that will allow you to live fearlessly, if you'd like to get involved with the campaign's challenges over the next few weeks (all you have to do is upload a picture or video of yourself living fearlessly, just don't go hanging off the edge of a cliff or anything). Find the link here.

I thought for a while about what I could write for this post, and it hit me that I'm afraid of lots and lots of things - which surely means one thing - that I lack confidence. I'm definitely not the most confident person in the world, but at the same time I don't hide under a rock every time I encounter a human being (although, sometimes it would be nice).

Since starting uni and being in a relationship with Josh its been pointed out to me quite a lot that I doubt myself too much and I am constantly being told: "You need to have more faith in yourself". On a recent trip to Primark, Josh wanted me to buy a pair of mustard tights and I turned them down, not only because I couldn't think of anything worse than wearing mustard tights, but because mustard is bright yellow, and bright yellow draws attention, meaning people would look at me! Heaven forbid!

Not only does a lack of confidence change how I dress, it will soon effect my career and it's something I really need to change. In uni we have presentations that are called 'crits', and they make me want to shrivel up into a little hedgehog ball, huffing and puffing; but unfortunately they need to be done. The world of graphic design sadly isn't one where you can become a hedgehog in the middle of pitching a project to a client, and there aren't many careers out there that offer that either, sadly.

Another example of my weakness is something that happened today; I am so distraught by this minor event that I feel the need to write about it. I paid £6.99 for a screwdriver. Yes, a screwdriver. And why did I pay £6.99 for a screwdriver you may ask? Was it a sonic screwdriver? Nope. I paid £6.99 for a screwdriver because I didn't want to challenge the price, so I just went along with it, weeping inside.

Don't get me wrong university along with a number of factors like my job and work experience opportunities have helped me become a more confident person, but I'm still negative about my work and until I start believing in myself I don't think much more will change. I'm going to believe in myself and be more confident when I do my next uni crit. It is my challenge to not talk negatively about my work (because they'll mark me down for it!).

You can check out Bodyform's video campaign below and find the campaign Facebook page here.

Thanks for reading guys, I'm gonna go and use the expensive screwdriver now to put up my new curtains. My next post will either be on my recent uni research or on my new curtains and Dunelm bargains, how grown up of me.
Post Sponsored by Bodyform but all thoughts are my own.