Newport Food Festival

I think it's really great that food festivals exist, there seem to be festivals for everything else, but nothing can ever compare to going to a place solely to eat lots of food, and test lots of free food (unless it's Glastonbury mixed with a food festival). On Saturday me and Josh did our normal wander into town, but this time it was filled top to bottom with food stalls and smelling of gorgeous 754838053oz burgers, not really, but you get me.

What was even better than all of this food was seeing Newport how it used to be. It seems to be that when you have lots of people in town you don't seem to notice all the horrible thuggy people that ruin the place. Newport was literally packed and what's great is that all the money was going to local people.

We started the day with an 8oz burger and hot dog (for Josh), the 8oz burger was so good and I don't think I've ever seen such a thick burger, not even the calorific ones I make! We then moved onto the Odonnell bakehouse stall and purchased two brownies, one which as caramel and sea salt and the other which was Irish Stout (HEAVEN!). I think the Irish Stout brownie was the highlight of my day, and I will forever be making Guinness brownies from now on. Genius. They initially seemed a bit steep at about £2.75, but upon eating them it was well worth the money.

We wandered around the market which also had lots of events on, I always love the market anyway as its the one place which hasn't lost its community feel. We then sat and watched a cookery show hosted by a contestant from Masterchef (It wasn't Greg Wallace though sadly and his buttery biscuit base). Later on we booked into a beer tasting session but sadly as it was getting towards the end of the day they had very little beer left and actually said they had Chocolate coffee flavour Stout for sale earlier that day!

We ended the day with a food coma and a very large box of chicken chow mein for £5, It was so fascinating watching the man cook it and guess all the amounts of soy sauce etc. I also survived eating with chopsticks (yay).

All in all it was a really great day and a lovely way to spend our weekend with such a great sense of community again, the only thing that spoilt it were the people using the business to hand out UKIP leaflets (booooo). 

I'm sorry again for the lack of blogging, its been such a busy week getting back into uni and I've felt so exhausted, Our bikes were also stolen from outside our house on Friday evening in a two hour gap which put a bit of a downer to the week, I was really under the impression that people weren't horrible :(
Anyway, today I updated my Behance a little and added a new project, there are more to come I'm just waiting to put them together and for some to clear. I've also started an arty/design twitter which is just for my art stuff and that can be found here

Thanks for reading guys!