Nananananananana soup break

Whilst I was taking a break with soup to refuel my creativity I thought I'd also do a little blog post because I rarely actually post work that I'm doing when I'm actually doing it, it's always like 2 months later or something. So I have a deadline in about 8 days now, and until today I was kind of having a little bit of a dilemma, I haven't enjoyed this project too much and its been ridiculously challenging. So find below my current creative space as it is, not a fancy desk, but the coffee table of my livngroom.

My messy workspace/ Birdseye view of the mess/ White gel pen on anything looks so pretty (except white of course)/ Idea generation/The idea I actually like/ Typography sketchbooks is such a great book, i adore books which have sketchbook pages in as it's lovely to see the process/ Sea shanty brainstorming/ being inky again

The brief set was to create a typeface out of the list of words that were given to us, now I've finally decided to go with 'The Captain is a storyteller' but its been such a vicious circle of mind changing and a week ago I was set on doing 'The ancient horror of science.' title. I'm finally enjoying myself today after having a morning of listening to sea shanties, dancing around my house. I finally feel like i've got past that brick wall of creativity that was stopping me and I'm getting somewhere. My initial idea was to focus the typeface on the regeneration of Newport's 'Old town dock' - Where I currently live. Now I think I'm moving away from that idea and may end up creating the typeface to brand a new and upcoming fish & chip shop called 'Ten Knots' (fake of course). I just like the idea of creating something that could have other elements to design, and I feel if I had gone with Newport council as the client I may not have as much fun and freedom. I'm thinking about proposing that the  fish & chip shop would be opening in Old Town Dock, just to tie it in and make sure my research isn't wasted. Hopefully this way it'll link even more to the nautical theme in which I've chosen.

I was initally worried that the ideas that somehow sprang to my mind didn't reflect the nautical theme, but now I've tried it on a blue background I feel like it fits a lot more and think I can tie in the shape of the letters with waves/anchors. I'm so happy that I finally feel happy about this project because its been getting me right down! Now to finish my soup break and go back to work!

Thanks for reading, my next post will be house themed :')