Pie in a box

Today me and my mum visited the lovely Parc Pantry - a new and exciting cafe/deli/giftshop in my local area. Parc Pantry is basically a place where you can pretty much buy/eat everything you see and is located about ten minutes from the city centre of Newport in Malpas, where you'll find an array of lovely community-based shops. They really are community-based and full of lovely friendly people. I went into a curtain/sewing shop afterwards and left feeling so inspired by their helpful advice on learning to sew that I almost ended up buying a sewing machine in Lidl!

Since Josh linked me to Parc Pantry's Twitter page I have absolutely fallen in love with the branding and idea behind the company, I think this kind of business is something I had in mind when I thought about what I want to go into in the future with my bookshop/cafe/art studio/everything. Not only is it a fabulous idea but it's great to see little quirky places like this finally investing in Newport, I really hope we get more and more shops like this eventually. 

It makes me happy to see a brand that isn't afraid to keep things minimal, which is what clients seem to be really scared of recently. I think people see minimalism as a waste of money, when really it makes the whole brand seem a lot classier (even though I'm not one to talk as I'm like a pattern crazy monster).

Anyway, less ranting about design. I really can't fault anything about this place, it was great, the range of gifts on offer were right up my street, the food was lovely and we were greeted by really friendly and helpful staff. I went for a steak & red wine pie and my mum went for a toastie which was served with the yummiest onion relish. What really baffled me was that my pie was served in a box - hence the title 'Pie in a box' if you were wondering. How can all that gravy stay in a cardboard box?

I will end up rambling so much about everything I love so instead I'm just going to create a list of everything that makes me happy about this place: the brick walls, the wooden walls, the branding, the light up bird boxes, pies in boxes, the quirky gifts (including this adorable felt cat keyring i purchased for £2.20), the Kevin McCloud worthy chairs, the ample amount of Sanpellegrino on sale (yay italians) & the gravy defying pie boxes.

I'm going to end this post on gravy defying pie boxes, because I like that line. 
You can check out Parc Pantry's website here, their twitter here and the designer's twitter here (This post really looks like a sponsored post but I promise it's not it's just me being enthusiastic and excited)

P.s - I really hate that the repetition of saying 'Pie in a box' has meant that 'Dick in a box' by The Lonely Island has been stuck in my head all day, because I know I will start singing it in public by accident or in front of my mum.