Getting inky

Hello! I am currently feeling fabulous because I'm eating cajun chicken and listening to Buena Vista Social Club (If you like coffee shop music and Spain i'd highly recommend). What do I do when I feel fabulous? I blog. Apparently, and I Samba around my kitchen. I've had quite an arty week, but not a productive one doing things I should be doing. I somewhat blame this on the discovery of James Victore's great videos which basically preach 'Create what you want to create.' 'Don't create things if you hate them' - Sadly this doesn't bring in money :(

But anyway, on Wednesday I had a really creative day, I struggled at first to get into the zone but it soon arrived (yippeee). I decided to mess around with some ink and create a typeface that I could use whenever I wanted to, because it's mine. I love the way inky typefaces look and how they're so imperfect and just feel like they've been created right in front of your eyes. So I got to it with my brush and ink and scanned them in. I then decided that I'd like to make some greetings cards, but straight to the point ones. Of course, these are reaaaaallly simple and they're just words on a white background, but I've seen a few simple cards in card shops recently. Surprisingly it took me quite a while to put it together because the placement of the text was pretty hard, I wanted to make it look almost child-like and messy and just like someone had kind of scribbled on a piece of paper.

I'm hoping I can try and get these printed when I have some money to invest in them and maybe put a few up on my Etsy site and see how they do (I'm not expecting much). I also still haven't blogged about my new print adventures over at Off The Press Prints, I must do this soon!

Maybe making these is a waste of time, but I figure I can't lose anything from putting designs out there, and most importantly I had loads of fun making them.

p.s  James Victore is amazing and I will be doing a blog post on him soon.