Bloggable things that have happened since I last blogged

I have been such a busy bee, and it gives me great shame to present to you all of the things that have happened in life since I last blogged on the 5th September. But I think I'm past trying to make my blog better when I physically don't have the time for it at the moment. So here is a post of recycled Instagrams because otherwise it would take probably 5 individual posts.

I've recently decided that I want to just go ahead and try with doing card designs because I've always wanted to do it ever since I stepped foot in Paperchase (and all the other super cool independent card/gift shops). I'm going to start off selling this 'Sorry you're feeling pants' card on my Etsy shop but I can't get it printed until I get my uni loan which I hope will be on Saturday (yay!) I'll then probably wait until I have lots more designs until I print anymore, and see how they go on my Etsy shop. 

This feels like ages ago, but since I blogged Nato shit has also happened. Obama came to my hometown which is Newport NOT just Wales. The Celtic Manor is actually in Newport, despite how much they like to believe it's not. Luckily my house seemed to be right on the road where all the action was taking place, in the picture above you can see the line of riot vans, above were two helicopters and the riot vans were also followed by police on motorbikes. Me and Josh also saw a police TRACTOR/jcb go speeding past our house. The crazy amount of police were escorting Obama and friends to Cardiff castle. A little bit exciting because of Obama (i love him because of the Guinness drinking photos) but it was a shame Obama came to my hometown because of Nato. I really enjoyed seeing all the anti-nato protests going on in Newport, it was so nice to see a group of people had come together over something they believed so strongly against.

My parents kindly got me this Polaroid colorpack camera from a charity shop for £2! It's such a bargain and it all seems to be in working condition inside, but there's no way I will be able to afford the film for it. It will be another camera for my shelf when I one day have an art studio place.

I created these new personalized prints which I kind of prefer to the other ones I made, these are much more to my taste, I haven't sold any of these ones yet but I need to advertise them more than the other ones. I'm probably going to do less of these prints over my time in university just because I want to concentrate fully on uni this year. I really only started this prints business because I had been struggling so hard over the summer with money and it has literally saved me! You can find my page here.

Me and Josh dogsitted my sisters lovely little dog - Murphy last weekend. I love him to bits and it was so lovely having a dog to cuddle up to at night, he really kept my legs nice and warm and he makes a great little spoon. We took him for lots of walks and it was lovely to spend some time up what I class as 'The Valleys' even though it's just Crosskeys/Risca. There were lots of wild flowers planted in Waunfawr park where we walked him (next photo). 


My lovely mum is always buying me little gifts, mainly because I am so poor at the moment and I think she feels sorry for me. She got me this lovely upcycled chair from a little antique shop on Church road, we also visited The Umbrella Project next door which was brilliant! This chair is painted in Annie Sloan paint and covered in the prettiest bird print fabric, it was such a bargain at £14! She also got me this really cute purse from Primark, I've wanted it for quite a while now as I thought it looked like something that you'd buy from Accessorize.


Before going back to uni I've tried to get myself doing as much as possible, and its got to the point where I'm quite overwhelmed with things to do. Two of the things I've been really lucky with and I've got freelance work from just knowing people, but I also volunteered to create a menu for a tearoom up at The Fourteen Locks (They didn't have one). I'm currently doing two branding projects, one for a cupcake company and another for a mum blog. They're two themes I'm really enjoying designing for as I have a lot of ideas and they really fit my style, so it's great having fun and liking what I'm designing for once! I'm about halfway through the two projects at the moment so hopefully they'll be finished soon and I can show you more.


My good friend Brandon has always been amazing at art (he was my art buddy in school and we'd always be the two people in the class doing art journalling, although mine would always be computer based using Paint shop Pro). He's now in University in Leeds and I miss him lots and I also really miss seeing his crazily textured sketchbooks that literally blew my mind. After seeing an illustration he did of himself up on his Instagram I asked him to create one of me and so he did and I love it.  I love the dark feel to his illustration work. Brandon's also a crazy fan girl of my blog and he always bugs me to post more so I hope you're happy Brandon! Follow him on Instagram here where he needs to post more of his artwork!

I don't know how many more posts I'll do in the next couple of weeks because I'm going back to uni for induction on Monday and I am so ridiculously excited. I can't wait to go shopping with my loan and buy all my art supplies and I can't wait to get stuck into a proper project and do a sketchbook AHHH! 

P.s The more I write really long posts like this the more i realize I can't write very well and I just type my stream of consciousness into my blog posts. I'm sorry that everything is all over the place!  I'm sorry I'm a shit blogger :(

Thank you for reading!