This does not make me a beauty blogger

  I've always loved Topshop's make up range, and have thought about buying it because it's so quirky yet simplistic, it's created by Sarah Thorne/ I couldn't find the link for this, but it's a perfume branding, but ahhhhh blend modes, the second is a lavender face mist available at Urban Outfitters, home of pretty things/ Paul & Joe lipstick designs are so beautiful and intricate/A vintage Seventeen ad, Seventeen currently have a lovely designed mascara called 'va va voom' but i couldn't find any images

I'm going to leave out the lack of blogging apologies as that's all I ever start my blog posts with. Instead I will start with how  I was in Boots the other day and couldn't help browsing at the make up section (because my mum was taking forever). This was not because I'm particularly interested in make up, but because it was all so damn pretty. You do get your brands which go for a classic look, the french kind where they have adverts saying things like 'J'adore x134923843284932', but there are more and more cosmetic brands which seem to be going for a textured handmade look. This caused me to go on a bit of a beauty pinterest... binge. This means that there's also another category of products that I will now start buying because they simply look pretty. Take for instance, Maybelline's baby lips. They're just lip balms that make your lips look a bit unnaturally pink, but the packaging is so damn cute and the hand-created typeface is so lovely, so I will forever be a buyer of baby lips. I just love the idea of making make up packaging look like the kind of texture the make up would produce if you were to write with it. I'm getting a bit excited now. I think I'll have to do a project on make up packaging design one day, alongside my need to create designs for kids clothing and baby items.

I think this is the girliest post I've ever made, and it's still about design as oppose to make up. Thanks for reading!