The creative update tag

A very delayed post, but I've gone from having nothing to do to having loooooooads to do. So hello blog readers, I apologize for my rude disappearance. I was tagged in this creative update post about a week ago now by Lauren over at OhHay and I've only now had the chance to sit down and focus on blogging, which has really sucked as I've have so many post ideas and I've been excited about doing them! It's fair to say my productivity and creativity levels have been through the roof this past week so onto this tag: 

What am I working on?
With it being the summer I've been pretty bored and uninspired, also ridiculously broke. I had to do something about it as work were only giving me 6 hours a week and I was getting upset most days because I was stuck in the house and worrying about bills. It has taken me way too long, but I am now running a small little 'business' (it feels really crazy and scary to say that) making & selling personalised prints which can be used as keepsakes, house decoration or gifts. It's called 'Off the press prints' and is inspired by my recent letterpress haul (something I will talk about in detail soon). Selling things was something I was thinking about doing for a while but I really didn't have any confidence to do it, I'm still lacking a bit, but most importantly it's up and running and it's seriously going great. I've made more money so far in a week than I do working in my proper job and I just feel so much happier because I have more income and I'm doing design things to make money! My Etsy shop wasn't going too good because I was finding it really hard to advertise, so I decided to start selling my prints over Facebook on the 'Items for sale in Newport' pages, which was the best way to advertise to my local area. I also now have a facebook page for my prints here.

As well as Off The Press Prints I'm also now getting paid from what was work experience that I've been doing since March, which is also great and I feel so lucky, I've definitely got so much experience from it and its taught me a lot about preparing for print, which is always a daunting task!
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
This is a tricky one, it probably doesn't in the whole world of graphic design, but it differs from others work in my class. I'm still not entirely sure what my genre is and I seem to have two styles. There's the grungy, messy, collage style that I love creating work in, it seriously makes me so happy and I learn new things and experiment with different medias. And then there's the serious vector stuff that's very computer based. Like the prints I'm doing now for instance. Stuff that doesn't really make me that happy to create, but brings in money. It sounds like I'm ungrateful but it's just what I really like creating.

How does my writing/creating process work?
I am a total backwards creator and this is one thing that really frustrates me about being in education. We're always told that art has no boundaries and no rules, but all I've ever been given is rules and ways of hitting grade boundaries. I hate having to create unnecessary things and do unnecessary processes for work when all it does is hinders my creativity. Naturally, I'm not the kind of person that sketches out a layout if I don't feel the need to, but what really inspires me is having visual research like moodboards. But to be honest with you, outside of uni I rarely do this, even doing real work for people. I'm sure it would be different though if I had a massive project spread over a few months. This probably makes me a really bad designer, but I just don't think everybody should be made to work the same, as everybody's different.

Why do I write/create?
*Insert cheesy speech here* I guess I create because It's all I'm remotely good at. Sometimes I think to myself 'Imagine if I was rubbish at creative subjects' I'd literally have no career prospects. It's also always been something I've enjoyed and as I've got older I've picked up on little signs that this was going to be my career path, like memories of making drawings out of squares and triangles on MS Paint when I was about 5 (basically rubbish Adobe Illustrator). But basically everything I'm good at or interested in is creative, whether it be music or interior design. 

Thank you for the tag Lauren! I tag Elliesfavouritethings, E-elise and Hellomynameisnaomi