Today we threw a surprise birthday party at our house for my nan, I thought I'd upload some of the photos because I was really happy with them. There's nothing I like more than natural looking photos as opposed to staged/posing ones (like the dysfunctional family shot). I like that these photos give a little insight into the order of the day and kind of tell a story. I love hosting parties and can't wait to do more in the future, it's so fun and I love setting everything up. My nan had a really great time and she loved the print I created for her, it's nice to see her smiling in all the photos :')

The last shot is of a Spitfire flying over our house, the Nato summit is being held in Newport where I live (much to people's' discontent because of travel disruption) so they did a day to celebrate it with lots of food along with loooooads of police and security. I only managed to get this shot of it as my camera wasn't being quick enough, it pretty much looks like it could be a bird...

My next post will be on my new print business because I haven't actually properly blogged about it yet.

Thanks for reading, sorry that this is only a quick post!