Skinny minnie

Just a quick post of an arty update, I created this mixed media punky collagy thing last week and had lots of fun being messy and getting glue everywhere. It was based around the cut out from the Metro newspaper which referred to thin people as 'Skinny Minnies' that also have less-good sex. And I thought it was a load of poop. Of course, it wasn't just because of that small write up, but because thin people are constantly looked down upon because its become normal to worship people with curves.
Thin people can be curvy too, and we're not necessarily anorexic either (I'm certainly not). So why not worship every kind of body type?

 Being thin is something I've always felt self-conscious about, and it really annoys me when you get the "Look at your skinny waist, I'm so jealous." comments. But they're not always jealousy comments, I've had a range from people assuming I'm anorexic to "You look like a pre-pubescent boy." from my own 'friend' when I was in college, which was the most hurtful. Even if these comments are envious ones, it makes me feel like poop. And I'm sure many people would agree with me. At one point I went through a stage where I got ridiculously nervous when eating because I was used to going out for meals with people and have them comment upon how I had left some of my chips and needed to eat them because I needed to 'fatten up'. And it was a really sad time because I loved eating so much but would feel so nervous when eating in restaurants. Thankfully I've now gotten over it (it was a few years ago now) and can happily stuff my face in restaurants.

It's just ironic how comments about eating disorders can almost cause some kind of mental eating disorder. So please, think the next time you call someone stick thin or skinny. This post got really personal really quickly and I have no idea how. It was only meant to be a quick post, but I guess you can tell this is a subject that really grinds my gears (Peter Griffin style). I will hopefully be doing some more collage style pieces with controversial statements in the near future. I've also added this collage to my Etsy shop as an art print, it comes in three different sizes, you can find it here.

I hope you enjoyed this ranty post. Thanks for reading :)