July Favourites

Despite this post being about four days late, I decided after seeing Lauren's favourites post that it would be a nice thing to do on my blog. I've always assumed favourites posts were mainly beauty orientated after watching Youtube videos of them, but was wrong! July has been a mix of a good month and bad month, the bad part of it has mainly been financially, but despite having no money I've managed to do lots of things, It's also meant I've been most productive. So here are a few of my favourite things from July in true Julie Andrews style:

It feels like I've been more productive artistically since being broke ass poor. Even if I haven't physically created lots of pages I feel like my brain is full of ideas and new projects I want to do. I now have two journals on going, one is my La-de-dah scrapbook  (left) which is so beautiful with loads of different papers in and buy able materials - I don't know why I never blogged about it?  and the second one is just a scrapbook (right) where I can put found materials in which I inspire me, like this vintage British red cross bag I picked up from Tenby.
Whatever you use these resources for they are extremely useful. I've come across many different sites which offer a huge range of public domain images, which basically means copyright free (but check the dates before you use them). Try googling 'Vintage public domain' or looking on Flickr. But basically copyright laws were different a long time ago, so lots of really old images aren't subject to copyright. Most copyright expires after a while and all of the images are super old. Anyway, It's super useful for things like collaging because the use of magazine cut outs is a touchy subject when it comes to copyright. Even if I don't use these images for collages they will be great for mood boards for uni research and just inspiration from vintage sources, especially when it comes to typography.
www.skillshare.com is a creative online school. It's full of classes on almost any creative subject you can think of. I'm currently on a 30 day free trial which gives you a premium service, but may think about re-joining every now and again when it runs out. I've watched 2 classes so far - one by letterer Mary Kate McDevitt on typography and another by illustrator Lydia Nichols on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator together. They were both ridiculously helpful and not only left me feeling inspired but taught me a lot of new skills. I'd really recommend the Lydia Nichols one, it was so lovely to see the process of her work.

Working in Tesco I always end up buying stuff that's on sale just for the sake of it, because it's always ridiculously cheap. I bought a pair of hair straighteners for £2.50 the other day. But this pillow is my favourite new addition to the living room, it was £2 and is very Instagram-esque.

GRUNGE BOOBS ALERT! It looks like I'm being pervy because of this image, but I really like the work of Thomas Schostock. Just look at all the texture and halftone and beautiful things. Sometimes my love of grunge artwork makes me question why I'm not very grungy.

In the midst of my collaging mood I rang my mum to see if she was anywhere where she could pick me up some magazines to rip up. She brought back these home magazines which were 50p each from a charity shop, there is no way I'm going to rip them up, except maybe for my scrapbook. I've always wanted to be able to buy Country living and home magazines but could never bring myself to fork out £3-£4.

This might be the lamest 'favourites' section you've ever seen. But seriously, I've been playing a lot of dominoes this month. And getting really into it. I'm not entirely sure I'm playing it right, but I'm getting really competitive. Josh's auntie kindly gave me these Dominoes and they look reaaaally old so they're probably haunted or something. I even had 4 games in a row with my nan the other day. Rock n' roll lifestyle.

My sister keeps buying me gifts, and who am I to complain? It may be partly down to the fact that she is a crazy Next sale shopper and ordered lots online for her new house. I love this cute nautical whale sign she got us for the bathroom along with two nautical quote canvases which I couldn't photograph because one has currently fallen down due to my not-so-great DIY skills.

Lastly, as the big list-lover that I am, I have been loving my future listography book this month. I've not yet completed enough pages to do a post but I will be doing a post when I have! I'm trying to fill it in as I think of things as oppose to just thinking of random things that aren't really true.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and like my new blog design, it took me about three hours last night on the slowest internet connection the world has ever seen. Despite having BT infinity. Thanks for all your comments again guys.