Fantastic freebies

As well as having a really creative and productive couple of weeks, I've also had a really lucky one. As I had been advertising my prints on the Newport for sale page I was randomly contacted by a lovely elderly man called Brian, offering me two Adana 8x5 printing presses and loads of type for free. On Ebay the Adana 8x5s are going for up to £600 and the type for about £30 per set, so it's a ridiculously amazing find. Me and Josh turned up a few days later hoping to take it home in a taxi, and my god we were wrong. Even one pretty small box of metal type weighs a ton, and one of the machines was bolted to a table (here's an image on instagram). Luckily Josh's sister was moving out the next day and had hired a van so we were able to collect it (I may have cried myself to sleep if I had to let it go). In the week I also visited the free bookshop in Newport and picked up these books, the Happy Camper one is a book I probably would've bought new as it's really interesting and nicely designed. The free bookshop is an organization set up by 'Healthy planet' as a way of recycling books that would've otherwise gone to landfill sites.
Some type already set up, for an old business card the man had created. It looks extremely complicated and I'm just amazed that people did this on a daily basis, BACKWARDS!
The one printing press, which is missing rollers, the other one is in my sisters garage. The circular plate is where the ink goes (so I've read)

I'm also very excited by these boxes that some of the type came in. I love old things and this OXO cubes tin is my favourite, there was also a Harrods one. It says on the side of the Oxo cubes tin "For cooking and drinking." - I can just see myself sipping Beef Oxo drinks on a beach.

 I love Dymo machines and this was another little touch i loved on the type drawers! I must invest in a Dymo machine soon.

A 32 pt Star (i think) it weighs a ton!
I also had loooooads of free card, business card sizes.
The three books I picked up from the free book store in Newport. Happy Campers, 35mm and a book on the human body which I was hoping would have some scientific illustrations in. It's a pretty weird read though!
The Happy campers book is lovely and it reminds me of a Lomokev book, probably because there's lots of lomography in it.

I loved this owl illustration in it.

And this page on butterflies, there was also a page on constellations. It's just full of loads of really cool things.

I'm ridiculously excited by my amazing freebies and I can't wait to make some use of the letterpress machines, i was thinking I could make a thank you card for the lovely man but I think I'm getting ahead of myself and better just buy one! I can't wait to properly understand these machines as I think they're a fantastic part of printing history, I have serious respect for people that used to print in old school ways, even those that used to use typewriters, because it's so difficult and tests your patience. It was definitely worth cleaning up the cupboard these were in which was full of spiders and also a mouse trap to get these beauties, it was also worth messing my back up again (I'm getting old now). But I am seriously so grateful to the man for giving me these, 

Thanks for reading.