Back to uni

Hello world of blogging, I'm sorry I've been away so long, I suppose I've been quite productive in other areas and have been trying to earn some money. The last couple of months have seriously been the most difficult financially and I am eagerly waiting for the beginning of uni to come around so I can get my next student finance payment, it really is a tough one when you've got to last Easter's payment throughout the summer and into autumn whilst trying to pay rent and survive off a 6 hour a week job. Anyway, being broke ass poor has meant I've been doing a lot of online drooling, or browsing in shops for things I can lust over, because even though at the moment a lot of these things are out of my reach, it makes me happy that I have something to look forward to when I do have a bit of money. I decided to put together a wishlist of fashiony/starting back at uni things.

I found in my first year of uni that I had a lack of comfortable items of clothing to wear on days where i couldn't be bothered (most days), in first year I had an awful timetable which consisted of long days, one of which was Monday 9-6.30 which was so awful and I ate like 4 meals a day because it was so boring and all I wanted to do was lounge around in comfortable clothes. One thing I've put in mind whilst putting these together is that I'm on a creative course, therefore anything I buy will get ruined and possibly covered in paint, glue, maybe even glitter (who knows). I'm also going to be riding a bike to the centre of town to catch the bus/train, so most things I wear will have to be suitable for a bike, this includes a bag. I also need a bag which isn't going to break with my 2371231237218748237 heavy items in, and one that won't turn me into a crippled old lady in the future because of carrying my heavy old Macbook.

Most things I probably won't be able to afford, but I see Cath Kidston bags as an expensive investment. I'm done buying expensive pretty bags from Accessorize because they break two weeks in, my bag in September actually broke on my first day of university. Cath Kidston bags are both pretty and seem to last quite long, although I have got a massive ink blotch on my current one. I feel that I also need to invest in a pair of dungarees. I saw these striped ones in the new Cardiff Primark (which is ridiculously amazing by the way) and figured that because I'm an arty student I need a pair of dungarees.

Anyway, I hope you liked this collection of things and this post.
Next up will be my yearly stationary wishlist because that's most important, as always.
Thanks for reading! Arty stuff to be posted soon.