Today has been a very productive day which I'd like to think was down to my summer goals blog post. I went for my daily bike ride, this time I did two and a half miles in 15 minutes, which probably isn't that good, but my legs were like jelly when I got home, so that can only be good. Anyway, for a day that started off badly it has been quite busy. We have a flat inspection tomorrow and earlier whilst making iced coffee Josh managed to not hold the lid on tight enough meaning really strong coffee went everywhere, allover the walls, typical the day before an inspection.

As well as cleaning up coffee I've created some work experience logos, along with some personal work. Which stems from an idea that came into my head the other day about social media. I've done something similar to this a few years ago, but now it looks completely poop, so I decided to turn it into 'anti-social media'. You'll have noticed by my Tenby rant about being outdoors away from Facebook etc that I'm in a love/hate relationship with social media at the moment (except Twitter), so I created these anti-social media doodles with my brush pen which are quite ironic and anti-people, and show things I would post on Facebook if it were socially acceptable. I wanted to go for quite a hand drawn rough look which is why I used my brush pen, I then live traced the illustrations in Illustrator. Here they are below:
What's on your mind?
1)"Why are you all getting engaged?" - Every time I 'accidentally' pop onto Facebook I notice another person is engaged. Meaning another person from my school year is growing up. Of course, growing up and entering adulthood is something I am currently trying to escape from, I am in denial of my 20's. But yeah, marriages everywhere, babies everywhere. It's just weird and scary because all these people are at the stage in their life where they want to properly settle down and I'm still watching my Sabrina the teenage witch box-set. I have no regrets. And there is no way I am ready to pop a child out of my female area just yet. I do respect you all for making these decisions so early though! I'm not trying to say it's a bad thing, It's just shocking for me. This seems like it's aimed at Lauren, but I promise it's not haha, I mean younger people. So while we are on the subject of engagement, congratulations to Lauren! 
2) "I prefer to tweet?" - I really love Twitter, and some days I really think I could delete my Facebook account and just survive with Twitter. It's full of lovely people and opportunities, connections to companies and people just generally seem a little bit... brighter (Excuse my bluntness). If it wasn't for me needing an online presence to promote myself, I think I could do without Facebook.

  3) "Wouldn't it be nicer to write letters?" Wouldn't it? With really pretty stationary and decorative stamps. I live in a bit of an ideal world because I always struggle to find a post box and have a serious hate for The Royal Mail because they always knock the door for a second and run away, leaving me with a "sorry you were out." note. I am never out! I am usually just locked in the house half naked, struggling to find my key in the short time the post-man (a.k.a flash) stays at the door.

4) "I bet you don't actually know me." - This isn't aimed at people I don't actually know, so I should've probably worded it better. Some of the nicest people ever I don't actually know because we've met online. It's more aimed at people who you have on Facebook that barely know you, maybe they're people you went to school with and never spoke to, but they're on your friends list. I bet most of them just have me on Facebook to have a little stalk, because I'll admit that's probably why I have them on there. This is why I hate myself and I hate Facebook.

So far these are the only one's I've come up with, I'm sure I'll come across more. I hope you've enjoyed this post, I'm sorry it seems a bit judgmental, but I suppose I'm not sorry because I wanted to make this blog a bit more personal.    
Thanks for reading!