I want to make a zine

So a really sweet man in work called Jack Sully left me prints as a thank you for helping him, he brought them in a while ago and wanted me to scan them in and he was explaining the location of them to me, turns out it's where I live now, which used to be a dock that he worked on. It was so sweet of him to leave me these prints so I decided I'd make use of them, of course I photocopied them first though. I am feeling particularly arty and creative lately which is unusual for me as I usually mope around eating every piece of food I come into contact with, but finding Amy's super amazing creative blog has helped me stop moping around eating food.

I created the design by firstly scanning the original image in, I then added a few elements digitally along with much loved halftone which I always use and a piece of Next map tester wallpaper I ripped off a few months ago. And then I thought I had finished, but it all looked too digital. So I printed it out and worked over it with fine liner, I then added some masking tape and scanned it back in and edited digitally a bit again. I always really like the process of scanning and photocopying things in, in fact ever since I watched how the Juno titles were created I've been amazed by the look it gives, but it is reeaaaalllly time consuming, especially when you have a printer perched on your sofa because of your lack of creative studio/snazzy office space.

I really had fun making this little thing, whatever it is. The fact that I always enjoy personal projects made me decide that I'd like to create a little zine about my hometown - Newport. I'm thinking maybe this can be a page on where I live and the history of it, and using mixes of illustration, collage and photography to make a little book about my home. I think it'll be fun to work on something themed over the summer because it's so hard to come up with fake briefs and push yourself to do projects. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to take the photos or source them, but I'll probably end up taking them to get doing a bit of photography again. I also need to get a new typewriter ribbon because I miss my typewriter working! And I also want to do lots of other stuff like maybe re-do my 'being little' final major project from art foundation, or expand on it. Maybe my next blog post can be a list of things I need to do over the summer, because I want to keep busy and do nice designs and learn new things (how lame)

Anyway, thanks for reading, I'll keep you updated on this new project.
Hopefully something will come of it.