I love making lists

Despite this post probably being halfway through the summer (or not, you know what Britain's like) I decided I'd keep my goal posts going (no football pun intended). I'm pretty sure I did a summer goals post last year, and making lists has always been something I really enjoy doing. I know people think these posts are kind of cliche, but they do actually help me to keep motivated and productive, I'm not the most organized of people.

1. Go camping - Believe it or not I have never slept under the stars, in or outside of a tent, and that really sucks because I really like the idea of it. The closest I've got to camping is watching shooting stars from my garden bench with lots of layers of clothing on. I also recently bought a really fancy tent from Tesco which I thought looked like Elmer the patchwork elephant.

2. Sell designy things to try and make some money - I am ridiculously broke at the moment, like seriously. I really hate the wait for student finance in the summer, even more so now I have rent to pay. At the moment I have like -£200 to my name along with my rent which I can no way go into. It's really hard and I need money, Work have cut my overtime so I'm back to 6 hours a week which is poop. I'm slowly getting the confidence to start selling things, but it's knowing where to start and it takes so much time and effort to do so. I also find approaching companies and individuals really awkward and soul destroying.

3.Eat healthier - Not because I want to get thinner, because I think I'm finally happy with my weight (I've managed to put weight on since I moved out, hoooray!) I want to get healthy and eat healthy and cleaner so I feel physically better. I get ill all the time and get mouth ulcers and just feel generally poop, and it's probably because I eat really bad food. I also want to get toned because I'm starting to notice that now I'm putting on weight I'm starting to get a bit flabby in areas and I don't like it. Josh has also creeped me out because we took my blood pressure and heart rate at my parents house and my resting heart rate is almost what it would be if I were exercising. I don't want to die of a heart-attack so I need to stop eating burgers.

4.Ride my bicycle - BICCCYCLEEEE. I want to ride my bicycle. I've already started this one, and this one also related to the one above, they go hand in hand. I also do no exercise at all. Going to Tenby and walking lots of places, playing cricket on the beach and aching like a bitch has taught me I'm a really unfit human being. So I finally have my bike down from my sisters and Josh has a bike so we have started going on bike rides, and so far I'm really enjoying it, even if my bum hurts from the saddle.

5.Add more to my Etsy shop and don't forget about it - I have neglected my Etsy shop, In fact I haven't even done a blog post on it so very few of you probably realize I have an Etsy shop now. But yeah, I started one selling digital blog graphics and I made my first sale the other day! However, it was 80p. Thank you to whoever bought my graphics. Over the summer I need to actually advertise it and tweet the hell out of it and really bug you guys, and most importantly I need more items because I have two. I'm also thinking about starting to sell prints on my Etsy, but I don't know where to buy frames at a decent price or where to do printing (I do work in a photo centre but I'm not sure if that's good enough)

6.Re brand my blog - Believe it or not, I am still not happy with my blog. I don't think I ever will be to be honest, but it makes me feel excited and happy when I re-design it. I haven't long done a little re-design of my blog, but I wasn't really happy with it. I don't know what I want to come of this blog, but I want it to look pretty. I'm quite happy with the way my posts are going and I enjoy doing them which is good, so that's all I need to do.

7. Build up Dorkfeatures - I think to myself, Do I even like this name? Is it even a valid name for the future? And the answer is no, it's probably not, but y'know, I do like it. Is anyone going to actually take me seriously in design with a name like Dorkfeatures? This is always on my list of things to do but I need to build up my brand, because in second year of university this is what we work on the most. I want to get started on it before then and maybe buy a web domain, but before I do this I need to decide on a name. It's a tricky one, but Dorkfeatures has been my username for almost every website since I was like 13.

8. Be more personal - I've noticed over the years this blog has got less personal, It's probably because I've got more followers and know more people I know read it, but I like being open about my feelings and think it's healthy and natural so I'd like to start being more open again.
9. This one is a really weird and boring goal, but I want to learn to make peach iced tea.

Thank you for reading, And I hope you enjoyed this post.
Here's to a hopefully productive summer.