The long doodle & Phineart

Just a quick blog post about one of my friend's awesome new prints for sale 'The long doodle' - an extremely long mix of lots of cute characters. I've talked a bit about Tim's work before and you may remember, it was my one and only artist Dork feature that never really went any further, story of my life. If you haven't read that post you can find it here and find a bit more out about Timbo Johnson. The print is for sale on a new site called Phineart, a website which will be featuring and promoting students, giving them a platform to sell their work from. Phineart is a great idea because a lot of the big companies like Etsy take a hell of a lot of the profit, leaving the artists with very little profit when you take out the cost of producing the work. Over time Phineart will also be featuring my friend Sara's work so keep on the look out for that too!
I really love doodles like this that keep your eyes finding new things whenever you look at them. I'm torn between the little piece of toast or the little frog poking out as my favourite doodle in this piece.

Hope you've enjoyed this short post, go buy some prints!
You can find Timbo's work on Behance

and a link to the Phineart store here