Sugar *dodododododo* ah honey honey

Today I am recovering from a weekend of flu, so I thought to myself "I'm feeling pretty revolting, i'll have a pamper day." This pamper day ended up with me deciding I wanted really smooth legs and discovering sugar waxing, an ancient middle eastern way of removing your inner yeti. I'm so fed up of spending 80% of my life shaving my legs, only for the hair to grow back in what seems like an hour, and for some reason I thought a 10-15 minute shave would take longer than cooking a load of sugar on the hob! So I got my snotty, yeti self out of bed and decided to spend a few hours creating what I thought would be a cheap and miraculous way of removing hair from my legs. Nope.
Here you can see, it started off well (kind of).  I put a cup of sugar, squeezed a whole lemon and put a tiny bit of water into a pan and boiled it on the hob for 20-25 minutes, until the mixture was brown. I then poured the hot mixture into a plastic tub (which probably wasn't the best idea but at least i didn't ruin any of our bowls). I left the mixture to cool down whilst I took a shower to exfoliate my legs to remove any stuff that would stop the waxing from working and came back, all ready and excited to try my new cheap and easy waxing. I cut up an old t-shirt to use as waxing strips (but you can just use the sugar) and I was ready to go...

Here are my thoughts during the process of hair removal:
1. "Shit, this is sticky."
2."Oh shit, i've got hot sugar all over the table."
3."Noooo, it's crystallizing." *puts in microwave*
4.*Gets out of microwave* *smothers on skin* "AHHHHH SO HOT."
5."Maybe I should give up and just eat it instead?"
6. "What if my skin disappears?"

As you can see from my thoughts, it was not a successful process, I now have a load of things covered in rock solid sugar which i somehow have to clean off, a few minor burns on my legs and a sugar-less sugar bowl :( The pros to this method were that it was cheap to do, and did actually work a few times, It was probably just me that made the mixture wron. Cons are that it is quite messy, if you're stupid like me you'll burn yourself and ruin a load of dishes on the way and it takes forever. 

This is another example of when Youtube/Pinterest make things looks ridiculously easy, but then really they're like trained salon professionals. And this is why I run mainly a graphic design based blog and not a beauty one! *slow clap*

Thanks for reading,
don't try this at home :)