Onto new adventures (maybe)

So I've decided that the most important thing for me to do over the summer is stay creative, not only so I can keep on learning and teaching myself new things, but to gain experience and maybe even make some money (or not). I only go to work experience once a week and am working most of the other days, but I do have a lot of lazing around time where I could be doing something else, which has led me onto a little adventure that may or may not happen. As I enjoy pimping my blog every now and again I've decided that maybe (just maybe) i'll start an Etsy shop selling little blog doodly things and social media buttons for a small price. Elements like some examples I've done today:
I'm thinking some would be digital, some hand rendered (because that's what I love the most). I'm not sure if anyone would actually buy into this at all, but I know that a lot of people probably can't be bothered to draw things and scan them in and put them up on their blog, yet want a personal and quirky looking blog. I'm not really sure of the format yet, or how this works, but maybe a few packs which come with Illustrator files,Photoshop files and pngs. And then maybe for people that don't have the software just png files for a cheaper price. Let me know what you think, or if you know anyone who makes money this way. It's all a little bit daunting, but It's something I'd like to do and think would be fuuunnnn.

P.s - I was thinking this morning about how I used to do a similar thing on Bebo in the old days, Before I even knew what graphic design was. I used to run a Bebo page called 'Sunshine skins' and I'm really sad because Bebo has been somewhat closed down and I can't find the page :( It would be hilarious to find all my old 'designs'. I think It's funny how I showed little signs of wanting to do design without even realizing I wanted to do it :') Don't even get me started on my obsessions with Myspace page customization.

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