Let's start a brogue-mance

Hello! I've been excited for this post and I even did a little brogue doodle, but it had been so long since I did it that I lost the sheet of paper with the doodle on it so I had to live trace it on Illustrator from my Instagram, which didn't work as well. So yes, As you'd have guessed this post is about brogues. And I write this at a sad time when my trusty pair of New Look brogues begin to fall apart. It really has been so hard for me to resist buying any brogues whilst looking for ones to feature in this post. So I bring you a collection of really pretty brogues, There is also a bit of a theme of mint again in this post. I love mint!
These are the prettiest brogues i have ever seen in my life
I seriously think brogues are the best shoes ever, for both men and women. Like even if you're a woman, you can pull of an extremely suave gentleman look and still look dainty as hell. My favourites out of these have gotta be the 2 & 3, the pink and lilac pastel ones from Ebay, which are pretty cheap for about £19 and come in a few different colours. I also really really love number 7, a lovely take on a classic brogue with cut out parts and a t-bar, the little bow is also really sweet. Number 5 would be an ideal suave dainty gentlemanlady shoe choice for days in the office, days in the office which I don't really have, because I don't have an office. But I would like an office. Maybe I'll do my next blog post on office interior design. I'm now starting to write this post in a stream of consciousness kind of way, and am just typing everything out that comes into my head, so it's time to wrap this one up. I hope you've enjoyed this post and the pretty brogues featured.
Thanks for reading!