Last week in film

      The first 'Polaroid' I took/ Meaningful graffiti/ It looks like I'm riding a horse/ Dark Cloudy sunset/ The usual night at a shisha lounge/ Fun with smoke/ We could be in Morocco in this picture/ Failed Luna picture/ Father's day (Gave this to my dad so didn't have a copy)/ Escaping Luna again, she hated the flash!

Here are some pictures of last week in instant film, I've been having loads of fun with my new Fujifilm camera and have been using the film too much, I need to save some for Tenby so I haven't been taking as many photos this week. I think It's nice appreciating film and photographs and choosing what you want to photograph.

On the subject of film, Jonathan Ring (on the same uni course as me a year above) has invited me to collaborate on a film tumblr blog, so If you're a fan of analog photography and all things film follow us over on Filmisnow - you can submit too! I definitely need to take more photos on film over the summer, when we have our re-fit in work I get 75% off basically everything, so hopefully this will push me to get some film photos processed cheaply!

I'm just thinking wouldn't it be super fun to take a load of pictures on film and then swap films with someone and photograph over them to create double exposures, I don't know if this is possible, because you'd have to take the film out and it might mess it up, so ignore me. Bye!

Thanks for reading, sorry it's just a quick post.