I miss Vans Slip-ons

 It feels a good time to write this, 6 days away from my 20th birthday where I turn into an adult :( I'm being nostalgic about shoes and missing Vans Slip-ons. I remember when I bought my first pair of  cyan and white check ones from a Bath skate shop and was in love with them, later followed by a pink and brown check pair. I know they're kind of ugly shoes, but they're also kind of cool looking, and as I've said before, they're reaaaaaallly comfy (so comfy that Charlie Pace from Lost wore them on a desert Island). I'm recently also excited about Vans pairing up with Star Wars to create new shoe designs, but after seeing them was pretty disappointed. The designs very vaguely relate to Star Wars and are just hipster-y patterns with a teeny bit of Yoda (except for the slip ons below which I think are beautiful).  There are some pretty cool slip-ons still available to buy, I think my favourite out of these are the mint and navy colour ones along with the daisy print ones, although they have "He loves me, he loves me not." written on the side, which is a bit lame.
I used to have the biggest crush on Dominic Monaghan in Lost, he was the cutest and sweetest character, I also miss Lost, a lot. Look, he's wearing checkered slip-ons!

I'm definitely going to invest in a pair, as i threw all mine out after my weird billabong/bon jovi/emo phase when I was 13, Vans were a lot cheaper then, now it's hard to get a pair cheaper than £50 which is craaaazzy. I should probably grow out of this trainer phase and start wearing heeled brogues like a proper adult (biggest stereotype ever, does this even happen?) But I'll probably stay as I am as a scruffy, muddy trainer loving person. I'll probably go for the mint coloured ones as they will be pretty in the summer, even though they're not pretty at all.

Thanks for reading :)