Coldplay and artwork by Mila Furstova

I always try to do album reviews, but always fail because I tend to have difficulty describing the way the album is and end up just typing out my stream of consciousness. So I thought I'd delve into Coldplay's album artwork and do a bit of research, because it really is lovely. I'm really into scientific and mathematical styles of artwork lately and I've always loved the drawing style of botanical flowers and anatomical things, so upon discovering Mila Furstova's work I was very happy.

Mila Furstova is the talented human being that created Coldplay's artwork for 'Ghost stories', she specializes in etching, which I've never tried myself but would love to do. What I love even more than the still illustrations is the animation that was made from the album artwork which can be found here. There's also a really interesting video in the link of that video showing how and who made the animation. I have so much respect for animators and the time they put into one piece (a job that would never be for me). But seriously, how beautiful is this work? It's so intricate and there are little hidden details everywhere, the artwork corresponds so well with the lyrics of each song and really tells the story of what I feel is Chris and Gwyneth's break up.

Now onto Coldplay, it seems most of the population of the world hate them and hate Chris Martin's 'droning voice', they're an untalented, overemotional pop band, so everyone says. I love them and always disagree with anyone hating on Coldplay, because most of the time they've only ever listened to their most popular sad songs which are admittedly, really sad, but also really good breakup songs. And it's somewhat cool to hate Coldplay, even David Tennant said so!

I don't know what I was expecting from this album, I really enjoyed Mylo Xyloto and the branding of it, even though many didn't and felt Coldplay were selling out. But this album is raw in comparison with MX, which is totally acceptable because Chris is obviously getting over his breakup. Fair enough, This album isn't fantastic, but it tells a story and is emotive, It reminds me a lot of their album 'Parachutes' (but it's totally different in a similar kind of way, which makes no sense). The style of the songs fit perfectly with the title 'ghost stories'. My favourite at the moment is probably 'O' - the piano is so pretty and it really makes me want to cry that Chris is sad and upset :(

I'm going to end this now because this blog post has become a post about my grieving over Gwyneth and Chris' failed relationship.

Thanks for reading and give this album a listen
(or don't)